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The student news site of Colonia High School

The Declaration

The student news site of Colonia High School

The Declaration

Michelle Remite-Berthet

Michelle Remite-Berthet, Editor-in-Chief

Michelle Remite-Bethet is a 17 year old, twelfth grade journalist at CHS. Remite is originally from right here in Colonia, NJ, and has grew up here her since she was ten months old.  She lives with her mother, her father, three sisters, and a dog named Willy. In her free time, she enjoys making and listening to music. Remite plays both acoustic and electric guitar, piano, and violin. Some of her favorite artists are Coldplay, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and more. Remite loves to sit at home and watch shows like Law and Order: SVU, New Girl, and House M.D.. Her  favorite animal is a penguin and her favorite color is teal, turquoise, and aqua. Remite's mother came from Guatemala, causing Remite to speak some Spanish. Remite is excited to be Editor-in-Chief and working on The Declaration team, and is looking forward to reporting news, and making articles for Colonia High School. Follow her for CHS Updates on twitter:@NewsColonia .

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This definition of the word chad originated in the 1950s.


February 27, 2017
Seven years later, there are now four generations of iPads.

Apple iPad unveiled

January 27, 2017
The awards ceremony has occured yearly for 68 years.

First Emmys presented

January 25, 2017
The famous quartet singer was 53 when he died.

Vic Ames dies

January 23, 2017
Poe was born in Boston and died in October of 1849 in Baltimore.

Edgar Allen Poe is born

January 19, 2017
Displaying affection can be cute, but it becomes creepy when it goes too far.


January 18, 2017
The search engine companys headquarters lies in California. created

January 18, 2017
Bono was famous for his part in the duo, Sonny and Cher.

Sonny Bono dies

January 5, 2017
The famous movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet runs for a total of three hours and 15 minutes.

Titanic opens in theater

December 19, 2016
Pictured above is a faux grave for the famous cartoonist, who passed away from lung cancer.

Walt Disney dies

December 15, 2016
What semmed to be acute bacterial epiglottitis resluted in the death of Washington.

George Washington dies

December 14, 2016
The 1930s-1960s Hollywood star died of an intracerebral hemorrhage

Cary Grant dies

November 29, 2016
The Xbox 360 was the second game console to be produced from Microsoft.

XBOX 360 goes on sale

November 22, 2016
One of Nellys most famous songs is Just a Dream.

Rapper Nelly is born

November 2, 2016
Nevada is nicknamed the Silver State but is actually the greatest gold-producing state in the U.S..

Nevada becomes a state

October 31, 2016
Clinton turns 69 today, and was born in Chicago.

Hillary Clinton is born

October 26, 2016
According to NASA, Soyuz 22 landed 150 km NW of Tselinograd and was recovered on September 23, 1976 at 7:42 GMT.

Soyuz 22 returns to Earth

September 23, 2016
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