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The student news site of Colonia High School

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The student news site of Colonia High School

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Boys’ JV Soccer Team Ties Woodbridge in scoreless game

Photo Credit: Faiz Silat
Colonia and Woodbridge going head to head.

At the Woodbridge soccer game on September 29th at 6 P.M. on a cloudy afternoon, Colonia’s Boys’ JV team tied, 0-0. Colonia’s great defense and Woodbridge’s great offense made goals hard to come by.

Colonia’s record before the game was 3-3-1. It had rained heavily hours before, but the game was still continued. As the referee blew the whistle, Woodbridge straight-off-the-bat went into attack mode. Woodbridge was connecting passes all across the field but thanks to Colonia’s unbreakable defense nothing could get through.

Around the fifth minute Woodbridge tried to score but the Colonia goalie, Sahil Sangu blocked it. During the 12th minute Colonia found an opening and drove forward but kicked it right to the goalkeeper.

At the end of the first half, Woodbridge kept with their strong offense but weren’t getting passed Colonia’s defensive line. Colonia players were patient and kept back, but they did get a few chances at goal but just couldn’t get the passes connected because of the weather conditions. Riley Kirejevas, sophomore, explained that the weather condition affected the plays of the game, “the ball and turf were both slippery making it hard to connect passes.”

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At the end of the half the scores were equal at 0-0.

As the second half began Colonia changes their game plan and goes into attack mode. They kept pushing forward to get a goal. Colonia connects passes and pushes forward but doesn’t get shots on goal. The Woodbridge defensive line did not let them through.

Around the 46th minute Woodbridge found an opening. They were connecting passes, got through the defense and scored against Colonia. The entire Woodbridge crowd was celebrating the goal but the referee had blown the whistle. He had called an ‘offside’ on the play. The whole Colonia team was relieved and Jason Ferreria, sophomore, from the Colonia team had some words to say about that incident, “honestly we were pretty lucky,” said Jason.

After the offside call, Colonia abandoned their attack method and stayed back to focus on defense. All the way towards the end of the game Woodbridge continued all-attack but Colonia stood back and defended. Due to this, no goals were being scored.

End of the game came and the score was 0-0. The game continued into over time.

As over time started, both teams were looking tired. Both weren’t completing passes and weren’t pushing towards the goalie. As the first half of overtime came to an end, Woodbridge connected passes and got a shot on goal but it went right towards the goalie. End of first over time, and the score was still 0-0.

As the second overtime started, both teams looked drained and no team had a shot on goal. As the second overtime ended, the score was 0-0 and the game was a tie, which brought Colonia’s record to 3-3-2.

If you’re interested in coming to a JV game click here to see the schedule Not interested in coming in coming to the JV games? You can always come to the Varsity games click here for the schedule.


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About the Contributor
Faiz Silat
Faiz Silat, Fall Reporter
Faiz Silat is a sophomore at Colonia High School. He loves playing many sports such as basketball, soccer, and is cricket (his favorite). He likes cricket the most because it works out the whole body and has watched it since he was a little boy.He does not only enjoy playing sports but also loves watching them too. He admires watching sports such as football in the fall/winter, basketball in the winter/spring and lastly cricket all throughout the year. He also enjoys traveling because he likes visiting new places and enjoying other peoples’ cultures, food and history. He enjoys visiting places where things are done in a different way that is customary in the US.  For example he enjoyed very much when he took a trip to Istanbul where the architecture was different to NYC tall skyscrapers.  He is very interested in electronic devices and things in that area. He likes to keep up to the daily updates in the tech world keeping up with the new phone releases or computer updates.  His favorite subjects in school are History and Science. He loves his teachers and admires all his classmates. He is a very well rounded person who is nice to his acquaintances and is interested in many topics.

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Boys’ JV Soccer Team Ties Woodbridge in scoreless game