Recommended conditioning before any fall sport


Photo Credit: The Declaration Newspaper

Muscles need to kept flexible so joints can handle various range of motion. This is why it is vital to stretch before playing.

By: Emma Nadella, Reporter

Although the schedule for starting fall sports this year was seemingly all over the place, coaches still recommended it to get some sort of exercise during the pandemic.

Even as some sports are delayed, coaches still wanted their players to keep up with any form of exercise people felt comfortable doing. Most athletes had no problem with keeping up physically. Some of which even did it on their own without encouragement from coaches.

Programs outside of school offer competitiveness

If your season hasn’t started yet or talking about starting up, there’s always other programs an athlete can do. With fall sports such as soccer and football, there’s plenty of options to choose from. You could try to do recreational teams for a more relaxed pace. You could also try to try out for teams outside of school who competitively play as well. For soccer for example, there’s a lot of team try outs that go on throughout the year besides school. There’s plenty of training and seasons that a soccer player can get into.


Football coach gives advice to football player in a skirmish game. (Photo Credit: Photo via The Declaration)

Bringing another sport into consideration, volleyball also has multiple programs. From personal experiences, there recreational programs that even go on now through covid. One fantastic recreational program for volleyball is Crush. It’s very good for working on aspects of Volleyball you feel shaky with doing still. From practicing serving to practicing hitting, it serves as a good way to practice off season. Other programs like Impact are also good to do as off season conditioning and practice.

At home workouts proved convenient

Taking into consideration of covid and keeping away from other people, people have also resulted in workout routines. These can vary from burpees, jumping jacks, crunches, etc. For athletes who are in track or cross-country, they have also just chosen routes from their house and around their neighborhood. Some sports don’t heavily rely on running like volleyball or swimming. Either way, making some fifteen or twenty-minute routes that circle back home was another smart way to exercise.

There was and is still very little that stops them from training themselves.To prepare for the upcoming season, it fueled athletes to give them all. Some did other programs to get competitive. Others stayed relaxed and did their own routines at home. Either way, it’s safe to say that it prepares  the fall sports athletes this year to make a great impression this season. Covid is still a pressing problem, so coaches are also wary and make sure that their athletes are also safe while playing. Even though we are still in a pandemic, Colonia High School’s fall sports are more than ready to go for strong seasons.