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The student news site of Colonia High School

The Declaration

The student news site of Colonia High School

The Declaration

Spirit Week makes a huge splash

During musical chairs, Mrs. Meade decides who stays in the game and who is out when both students land on the chair.

Colonia High School’s annual Spirit Week took place from October 5th to October 9th. It was fun for the students and raised a great deal of money too.

Spirit Week consisted of five days and on each day the students dressed up for a theme and donated items asked for. On the first day which was a Monday it was Pajama Day. Students had to come in their PJs and had to bring in a toy for a toy drive. Now each class started off with zero points. Now to get points the most people from each class that would have participated would’ve won. Now many students did not enjoy pajama day including Andrew Pimentel who said, “ I did not enjoy pajama day because I really don’t want to wear pajamas in school.” During pajama day the class of 2016 won, 2017 in 2nd. For the toy drive 2016 won, 2017 in 2nd. Also during each day there was Dime Wars, where students had to put in coins in buckets. If you put in dimes it was plus points for your class. But to sabotage other classes you would’ve had to put in any other coin to deduct points. For that day in dime wars 2019 won, 2017 in 2nd.

Fighting for a chair, teachers and students compete in musical chairs at the pep rally.

During the second day students had to wear pink to support Breast Cancer Awareness. Also students had to buy a pink ribbon for a dollar to decorate their homeroom doors. For pink clothing 2019 won, 2017 in 2nd.  For buying a pink ribbon 2016 won, 2017 in 2nd. In dime wars 2017 won, 2018 in 2nd.
During the 3rd day it was Wacky Wednesday and food drive. Students had to look the wackiest they can and bring nonperishable foods for the food drive. For Wacky Wednesday 2016 won, 2019 in 2nd. For the food drive 2016 won, 2017 in 2nd. Lastly in dime wars 2018 won, 2016 in 2nd.

Thursday which was the fourth day was Sports Shirt Day. Students had to wear any shirt that related to sports or college. For example a jersey of your favorite player or a shirt from your favorite college. Many students enjoyed this activity including sophomore Matthew Zwiebel who said, “ I enjoyed this activity the most because I love sports and love to wear my favorite teams jersey.” For this 2016 won, 2018 in 2nd.  Also on that day students had to bring in tissues. The class that brought the most tissues was 2016, 2017 in 2nd. In Dime Wars 2017 won, 2019 in 2nd.

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Lastly it was Friday where it was Colonia Day and the finale. During Colonia day students had to wear blue and gold. Students also had to bring in empty ink cartridges. For Colonia day the class of 2016 won, 2017 in 2nd. For bringing in empty ink cartridges 2018 won, 2016 in 2nd,. During the last day of dime wars 2019 won, 2018 in 2nd.

Principal Mr. Pace, being a good sport, embraces a water balloon breaking.

Now it all came down to the finale which took place outside on the blue turf. The first event of the finale was a scavenger hunt. In the scavenger hunt students sat with their grade level with their class officers. Mrs. Meade the event coordinator called a random object, students then dug through their personal belongings to find it then. After they found it they would have to pass it to their class officer and the fastest class would get the most points. The second event was musical chairs, all class officers played and in the end class of 2018’s treasure won named Aneri Parekh. The last event was the relay race, where class officers had to run in clothes that they had to change when they got to officer to officer. In the end class of 2018 won, 2019 came in second. 2016 and 2017 both got disqualified because they cheated.

Lastly, it came down to the results, whoever’s class that won their class officers were allowed to throw water balloons to the administrators.  Which were Mr. Panko, Mr. Pace, and Mrs. Meade. The class that won were Class of 2016 the seniors. The seniors went crazy and it was time to throw the water balloons. Seniors Matthew Busse, Jimmy Nunez, and Alyssa Pennell had hit the administrators to end Spirit Week. In the end all the money from dime wars went to the classes treasury. Seniors received 50% of the money, juniors 25%, freshmen 15% and sophomores received 10%.


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Faiz Silat, Fall Reporter
Faiz Silat is a sophomore at Colonia High School. He loves playing many sports such as basketball, soccer, and is cricket (his favorite). He likes cricket the most because it works out the whole body and has watched it since he was a little boy.He does not only enjoy playing sports but also loves watching them too. He admires watching sports such as football in the fall/winter, basketball in the winter/spring and lastly cricket all throughout the year. He also enjoys traveling because he likes visiting new places and enjoying other peoples’ cultures, food and history. He enjoys visiting places where things are done in a different way that is customary in the US.  For example he enjoyed very much when he took a trip to Istanbul where the architecture was different to NYC tall skyscrapers.  He is very interested in electronic devices and things in that area. He likes to keep up to the daily updates in the tech world keeping up with the new phone releases or computer updates.  His favorite subjects in school are History and Science. He loves his teachers and admires all his classmates. He is a very well rounded person who is nice to his acquaintances and is interested in many topics.

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Spirit Week makes a huge splash