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The student news site of Colonia High School

The Declaration

The student news site of Colonia High School

The Declaration

Need for Meade

Mrs. Rosemary Meade does it all! Chemistry teacher, Senior class advisor, and student council advisor. It’s never a dull moment for Mrs. Meade. Meade is known for her boisterous personality and obsessive love for all things Disney.
Photo Credit: The Declaration Staff
During Spirit Week, Mrs. Rosemary Meade prepares to announce the winning class.

Teaching Life

Meade is a teacher at Colonia High School.  She has been a teacher at Colonia High for 25 years and counting.  Meade teaches Chemistry at an R and an AP track.  She is very involved in the school.

Meade was a part of the Edison school board.  One of Meade’s goals as board member was to make sure that the district’s curriculum would allow students to be prepared for the global economy.

In the yearbook, Meade is all smiles like always.
Photo Credit: Stephanie Kontra
In the yearbook, Meade is all smiles like always.

Meade is very passionate about her job teaching Chemistry.  She is very involved in all of her classes and in the school itself.  She is so caring with everything she does, everything she does, she gives it 100% all the time.

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“I just love the expressions on their faces when they totally understand a concept,” said Meade about teaching her students Chemistry.  She describes a good feeling going through her and the feeling of accomplishment when her students completely understand a concept.  She knows she is succeeding at her job.

Meade’s favorite thing about Colonia High School is the faculty and staff.  She describes everyone to be friendly and caring; when there is a crisis of some sort, we all come together to help whomever.”  She describes the faculty to be a close knit group who are always there for each other.

In the 25 years, and counting, Meade has been at Colonia High School, she has left a huge impact on the school.  The school just wouldn’t be the same without her.  “She’s one of the best and more caring teachers I’ve ever had,” says Nonnemacher.

Senior Paige Nonnenmacher had Meade as a teacher for Chemistry in her sophomore year.  She describes Meade’s class to be fun.  She also says that the labs were fun and she learned a lot.

Advising Students

Meade is one of the four Senior Class Advisors as well as the advisor for the Student Council. As Senior Class Advisor, Meade is a part of most of the fundraising opportunities.  She also coordinates events like Graduation, the March Madness Basketball Game, the Prom Fashion Show, and Prom.  She also hands out information about Senior Parking and the Senior Luncheon.  She has been Student Council Advisor for 17 years.

Meade is also an advisor for Student Council.  She has been an advisor for student council for 19 years.  The student council meets about once a month.  They coordinate Homecoming, Spirit Week, and some community service opportunities.  Student Council also runs all student elections.

As student council advisor, Mrs. Meade’s favorite event is Spirit Week.  She loves both planning and implementing it.  “It’s a thrill to see the camaraderie within the classes and the competitiveness between the classes,” she says.

Meade looks forward to this week every year.  She is always rooting for the Freshmen class to win.  She thinks it would be awesome to see the Freshmen come and beat all the other classes, especially the Senior class.

“Mrs Meade is not only a good teacher, but she’s also in charge of so many things. She’s so giving and willing to organize so many different school events,” said Paige Nonnemacher.

Meade hasn’t only left an impact on the school but on the students too.  Nonnemacher describes Meade to not only be a teacher but a friend.  Meade builds strong relationships with her students.  It is clear that she cares about her students a lot.

“Whatever I need help with she always does her best to be there for me and the rest of her students,” said Paige Nonnenmacher

As student council advisor Meade taught the students within the student council how big of a responsibility it is to be a part of the student council.  This includes keeping your class updated on things going on in the school, what happens at meetings, etc. She’s taught Nonnemacher tons about giving back to the community and making school fun and enjoyable for everyone.

Hobbies, Interests, and Concerns

Something you may not know about Meade is that she loves Nascar.  She has been to races in

Mrs. Meade dressed as Minnie Mouse for Disney Day.
Photo Credit: Kassie Caporaso
Mrs. Meade dressed as Minnie Mouse for Disney Day.

various places including New Hampshire, Atlanta, Virginia, and North Carolina.

Bullying is a problem that Meade believes needs to be resolved.  If she could change anything about the world, or school she wants to eliminate the bullying and harassment that goes on a school and around the country.

Meade loves all things Disney.  You can see her wearing a Mickey Mouse pin at school every day.  Liguori says that Meade goes to Disney a few times a year.

Last year for Spirit Week, Meade wore a full Minnie Mouse Costume for Disney Day.  She even had Toms, a brand of shoes, hand painted by another teacher, Ms. Lombardi, for Disney Day last year.

“I’m convinced her third son is Mickey Mouse.” said Ms. Liguori.

To describe Meade in one word, Paige decided to use the word “empathetic.”  Meade always knows how to get news around the school quickly.  She also knows how to make sure everything goes the right way.

Ms. Nicole Liguori, head of the math department, describes Meade to be very boisterous.  Meade is very animated in her class discussions all the time and her normal conversations.  There is not a time when Meade isn’t boisterous and animated.  Liguori says Meade is animated even when she’s just talking in the math office.

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