McCoy is a teacher and a role model


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The word “teach” comes from Old English, and has been used in English since the 9th century. Teacher dates from the late 13th century.

By: Haley O, reporter

Colonia High School, a school that promotes nothing but character, commitment, and community, is an environment that allows students to learn. It gives students an opportunity to further their education with the help of adults. Mrs. Danielle McCoy, a teacher that stands out, is looked up to by many.


Starting her elementary school years at Pennsylvania Avenue Elementary School #27, she then continued her education in Montgomery, New Jersey. She attended Montgomery High School followed by Penn State University. She says, “It was the best four years of my life.” In high school, she was a part of Student Council which allowed her to get involved in many events.


Throughout high school, she participated in many sports such as cross country (a fall sport), basketball (a winter sport), and then spring track. Overall, she was very involved and very busy when it came to her high school years. Due to her love for soccer, she participated in a travel soccer team outside of school. However, because of her busy schedule, it became harder for her to attend practices and games.

Out of the four sports that she had played, cross country or track was her favorite.  McCoy says, “the thing I like most about a running sport, whether it is cross country, winter track or spring track, is as much as it is an individual sport, it’s also 100% a team sport. You need each other to compete at high levels, whether it be state sectionals or even as small as a dual meet.” She then continues saying that being involved in cross country allowed her to develop a close friendship with a group of girls that grew stronger over the years of high school.

Career Path

For the longest time,  McCoy has always wanted to be a teacher. The only thing that she was unsure about was the subject. It was her high school chemistry teacher that influenced her to pick Chemistry as her subject choice. She says, “my teacher absolutely inspired me to love such a difficult subject and it was because of her that I said, maybe I don’t want to do math; maybe I want to do science!” She then says, “I hope that someday that someone will look back or a student will look back and say, ‘oh I chose the science route’ because they enjoyed my class.” Her plan for every class is “to make a not so fun subject as fun as it can possibly be, and make the real-world connections that should be made.”


McCoy is a Chemistry teacher at Colonia High School and has been for seven years now. She enjoys teaching many students and loves coaching those who participate in Spring Track. In her free time she enjoys walking her dog, listening to country music, especially Kenny Chesney, and also loves spending time with family. Overall, Mrs. McCoy has enjoyed her years working at Colonia High School. She says it is great seeing students with happy faces in school and outside of school when she is coaching.