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The student news site of Colonia High School

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The student news site of Colonia High School

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That Band Guy, Perdoni

Photo Credit: Michael Passarelli
Mr. Perdoni, band director of Colonia High School.

Possibly one of the least known teachers at Colonia High School is Mr. Perdoni. However, the students that do know him will argue that he is one of the greatest the school has to offer.

Mr. Perdoni is the band director at Colonia High School as well as the teacher of other classes that involve music such as AP Music Theory. He also does numerous after school clubs including Jazz Band and Marching Band.

As the band director at Colonia High School, Mr. Perdoni has a very unique bond with his students unlike any other teacher. A senior at Colonia High School, Andrew Fugaro said, “he does a very good job at finding the middle ground between being a respected authority figure and at the same time being able to still have fun and be fun to be around.” Fugaro along with other students have said they enjoy going to his class.

Mr. Perdoni said that this is one of his favorite parts about his job, having said, “I get to know the students better than most teachers.” Basically, Mr. Perdoni and his students are able to have a different kind of relationship over the common interest of music and they’re eagerness to learn as well as his eagerness to teach it.

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Marching Band

The Marching Band season is technically from September to the end of October. However, despite this technical season, being involved with the Marching Band is a commitment for the entire year. The band commitment takes place through the whole band season, the whole football season, as well as countless hours of fund-raisers, and finally all the parades throughout the year. Even the summers are partially dedicated to the marching band.

2015 season Marching Patriots walking down to the field for the Toms River Competition where they would beat they're own township record with a score of 88.35
Photo Credit: Photo via @ColoniaBand Instagram with permission
2015 season Marching Patriots walking down to the field for the Toms River Competition where they would beat they’re own township record with a score of 88.35

The countless hours of this commitment that each member must put into this are not only a commitment held by the performers. Mr. Perdoni puts more work into each show than the students.

Mr. Perdoni said the work for the next show started “almost immediately.” He said he usually starts in January where he has to come up with a theme that will be pleasing to the audience, to the band, and most importantly to the judges. He then needs specific music and must contact the arranger to arrange the music for the whole band which then takes “a few weeks to get fine-tuned.” Then he has to start coming up with the drill for the show and start making that. After all of that is under way, Mr. Perdoni then gives all of the information to the color guard instructor whom must come up with a routine to go along with the band’s routine.

He also then puts in every hour that each band member puts in with practice, parades, and performances. The band’s commitment starts early in the summer where they meet once per week to practice the music throughout the entire summer. This is where the incredible bond that only a band member will be able to understand. Mr. Perdoni said he thinks this bond exists because “being able to play an instrument is a special talent that not just anybody can do, and all of the band members can appreciate that talents among each other.” The 2015 season drum major, Angelica Batista said, “we spend countless hours together, starting before the school year even begins, and we bond over something as miserable as band camp.” She also mentioned how “the Friday night games and competitions turned into little trips for us every weekend.”

Jazz Band

Another popular club that is run by Mr. Perdoni is the Jazz Band. This club is a smaller group than the other bands and focuses more on Jazz music; however, they do play some rock and other types of music that wouldn’t be seen in the regular concert

Graduating Seniors of the 2015-2016 Jazz Band. Justin Wolff, Reno Ronquillo, Billy Walsh, Dylan Zalink, Mike Passarelli (Right to Left) and Caitlin Ramcharan (front)
Photo Credit: Photo via @ColoniaBand Instagram with permission
Graduating Seniors of the 2015-2016 Jazz Band. Andrew Fugaro, Justin Wolff, Reno Ronquillo, Antonio Lombardi, Caitlin Ramcharan, William Walsh, Dylan Zalink, Michael Passarelli (Right to Left).

bands. For example this year the Jazz Band played songs such as Welcome to the Jungle, Black Magic Woman, and Isn’t She Lovely.

Mr. Perdoni said this is his favorite club that he runs because “it’s kind of my thing.” Out of all of the genres of music to play anybody who knows Mr. Perdoni would be able to tell you that he definitely loves Jazz.

Outside of School

Other than being a teacher Mr. Perdoni is also a student at Rowan University. He is currently earning his master’s degree in School Administration. He plans to be qualified to be a principal by earning this degree.

Aside from earning his degree he also has 3 daughters, of which he is the coaches for softball and soccer teams. He also plays soccer once a week throughout the entire year, both indoor and outdoor.


For leisure outside of school Mr. Perdoni is confirmed as being “effortlessly good” at golf according to Mr. Rasimowicz (more commonly known by students as Mr. Raz).

With the tone in his interview Mr. Raz seems as though when Mr. Perdoni and himself are out golfing, the competition is actually only with himself as there is no such thing as a competition with Mr. Perdoni because of his skill. It seems as though Mr. Perdoni is just along for the ride, not necessarily for competition.

Mr. Raz said that Mr. Perdoni “doesn’t even take practice swings. He just tees up and swings.” Mr. Raz admitted that “he’s definitely better than me.”

Despite this admitting statement Mr. Raz also said that “Perdoni doesn’t really keep score, so sometimes he decides he doesn’t like the way his ball looks so he’ll just adjust it real quick with the club, for example his ball might just barely miss the fairway and he doesn’t like the rough so he’ll just give it a quick nudge onto the fairway.”

Mr. Perdoni said that “Yes, if it’s not for a specific competition I am guilty of that, but we’re all out there for fun”. He also said that he needs to “play with his eyes closed” to make it an even competition between him and Mr. Raz. After hearing about this Mr. Raz said “he’s very modest isn’t he?”

However, after all is said and done Mr. Perdoni said that “Mr. Raz is a great partner because he has more enthusiasm than anyone. He could be doing terrible and still have fun with it.”

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Michael Passarelli, Fall Reporter/Editor
Michael Passarelli is 18 years old and a senior at Colonia High School. He is involved with numerous clubs at the school including Marching Band, Jazz Band, and was involved with the Directors Showcase for the theatre program during the fall semester. In the band he plays bass guitar and trumpet and during the 2014 season of Marching Band he was in percussion, and in the 2015 season he played bass guitar for the pit. Passarelli plans to eventually start a career in law enforcement although he has already acquired many skills and is very interested in possibly pursuing a career in construction. He plans to major in Business Management in college.

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