Art Classes Paint New Future for Art at Colonia High

The rebirth or ceramics and the maiden voyage of graphic design are making art classes even more popular at CHS.


Photo Credit: Mikeala Westbrook

Art display of samples form the many different art classes offered at Colonia High School.

Art classes at Colonia High School used to cover the basics, until the reintroduction of ceramics and the introduction of graphic design this 2015-2016 school year.

Ceramics has been looked forward to by students and the teacher of ceramics Mrs. Rosemarie Singalewitch since the class has been removed. The students at CHS “absolutely love the class” Singalewitch explained while not neglecting to show her excitement for the second debut of the ceramics class.

The class is taught by Singalewitch who has been working with clay for 40 years. Ceramics takes a lot of steps and one project can take as long as one month. Besides the time each project takes it is not a huge challenge to teach for the teacher.

The ceramics class didn’t just attract the attention of students and faculty at CHS, but out of 15 teachers Singalewitch was asked to participate in a pilot program through Kean University located in New Jersey. Kean University will be partnering with the Human Rights Institute to find artists to create work based on the testimony of service men who liberated concentration camps in Germany. The projects will be due in February and will be showcased in an art show with the other participants. Singalewitch said, “It is quite an honor that they asked us to participate and I am really proud of our program here that they thought to ask us.”

The ceramics class doesn’t stop there, their pieces made throughout the year in the class will also be showcased in CHS’s annual art showcase. Not only will the the works of the ceramics class be added to the art show but works from the other basic art classes and the new graphics design class.

The graphic design class started this 2015-2016 school year and was in high demand. CHS planned to only run one section but are already anticipating more. They are even considering a graphic design 2 class to follow the graphic design class already administered.

Student in enrolled in the Graphic Design class at CHS get to use the Wacom Tablets.
Photo Credit: Photo via under Creative Commons License.
Student in enrolled in the Graphic Design class at CHS get to use the Wacom Tablets.

The graphics design class is also run by Singalewitch who studied graphic design in college while receiving her masters degree.
To run this class CHS uses photoshop which CHS already had, they also purchased Wacom Tablets. These tablets are drawing pads that are strictly used for the graphic design class. The wireless connection has also played a part in this class and has run smoothly so far and hopefully continues to.

A former alumni of Colonia High School Kimanni Westbrook who plans to pursue a career in graphic design believes that the art classes at CHS has helped her get a basic understanding of art. Westbrook also added, “If the graphic design class was around while I still attended Colonia High School I think it would have better prepared me for the art classes I now take in college.” Westbrook understands that graphic design is not an easy skill to learn and believes that the class will really give the students participating in it a head start in the profession.

The graphic design and ceramics classes gives students more classes that are tailored to specialization. With the absence of fashion and cooking class, the addition of ceramics and graphic design should help students to still be able to charter different creative outlets.