Outback Steakhouse – It’s Worth It


Photo Credit: photo via commons.wikimedia.org- under creative commons license

By: Andrew Pimentel, Fall Reporter

Don’t know any good restaurants? Need a good recommendation? Outback Steakhouse is a great choice for any occasion and surely it won’t be a choice you’ll regret.

After my visit to this accommodating restaurant that in terms of location is a questionable distance away, I have come to develop a mostly positive conclusion and opinion of this restaurant.

First off, when you arrive you’re greeted by a host/hostess that will either direct you to an open table or give you a device that will glow a certain color, notifying you that a table has opened and to return to the front podium. As you walk around the aisles, you’ll see that there’s a bar for Outbacks older customers and the many enclosed sections where the majority of customers come to sit and eat.

Shortly after I sat in the comfortable seats under the restaurants moody lighting, I was greeted by a very kind and charismatic waiter and the loaf of warm, fresh, oven baked bread he had brought for me.

I was then left alone so that I could use my time to come to a decision on what I wanted for my main entree. Despite ‘Steakhouse’ being the name, steak isn’t your only option, they actually have a variety of sorts. From their ‘Forkless Features’ which include a Wood-Grilled California Chicken Sandwich and Aussie Fish Tacos,  their ‘Straight From The Sea’ which include Hand Breaded Shrimp and Lobster Tails, to their Soups, Salads, Steaks, Ribs, and much more.

For my appetizer I decided on their chewy, golden, Coconut Shrimp. Taking the first bite out of one of the unbelievably large shrimp was one of the highlights of my night and not only left me wanting more but had me thinking, “if this appetizer is already so good, then I wonder how unforgettable the entree is going to be?”

The time it took for my main entree to be cooked and arrive at my table took a bit longer than expected but I couldn’t complain as so far my tastebuds had felt more than satisfactory. Then he arrived with my Chicken Tender Platter and laid it out before me. The chicken tenders were cooked to a beautiful golden brown, just as the shrimp was. As a side, I had chosen fresh steamed broccoli and a baked sweet potato which comes topped with honey butter, brown sugar, and cinnamon.

After savoring every last bite of my meal, although there was the option of choosing from a selection of desserts, I couldn’t find myself to fit anymore. I can say though that having the option to choose from desserts like cheesecakes, milkshakes, and parfaits were very tempting.

At the end of my visit to Outback Steakhouse I had been given my bill with a total of $30. Due to this being the cost of my entire meal, it’s safe to say that eating at Outback Steakhouse isn’t too costly and is reasonable to its customers.

It’s safe to say that without a doubt following the phenomenal service I was provided by Outback Steakhouse’s staff, the mouthwatering food and the decent price, I will most definitely be back with an empty stomach asking for more. I recommend Outback Steakhouse to anyone and everyone looking for a good time.