Great inexpensive comfort food close to home at Jose Tejas


Photo Credit: Kimanni Westbrook

The front of the Jose Tejas restaurant.

By: Mikeala Westbrook , Fall Reporter

Jose Tejas also known as Border Café is a well-known restaurant located in Woodbridge, New Jersey that is beloved by many. Jose Tejas is located at 700 US Hwy 1 N, Iselin, NJ 08830 but they also have other locations based in Massachusetts and Delaware. It is not something you would miss either as it is pointed at with a big blue arrow reading “EAT”, and there is usually a parking lot packed with cars so parking is a little hard sometimes.

Although most of the times there is a wait varying on which day you visit and what time, the wait seems worth it to customers especially since the restaurant is always full of people. The restaurant’s attire is casual and it is a great place to eat out with family and friends whenever you need some comfort food or you can take the experience home because they do offer take-out.

The restaurant has a rustic Tex-Mex feel and look to it with it’s purposely weathered exterior and interior design. The restaurant features an enclosed outside eating area and a free standing bar and a small section of tables to sit at when waiting not to mention the full dining area packed with tables. Although with the crowds that they entertain a few more tables could be added into the dining space instead of having a full bar. The restaurant is well maintained especially with the crowds that run through it, cleanliness won’t be an issue at Jose Tejas.

To eat at Jose Tejas you just go up to the hostess and have them take down your name and the amount of people in your party if they can accommodate you and your party at the time you will immediately be seated. If there is not enough space for your party at the moment you will be given a beeper that will go off when your table is ready. While waiting for your party you can either wait outside, their bar, one of the free-standing tables, or the space near the hostess booth.

Tex-Mex décor inside of the Jose Tejas restaurant.
Photo Credit: Kimanni Westbrook
Tex-Mex décor inside of the Jose Tejas restaurant.

Now to the meal, as other restaurants usually start the table off with complementary bread and butter or bread and oil; Jose Tejas starts the table off with fresh baked chips and a homemade salsa.

As for drinks they have a range of adult alcoholic drinks and regular fountain drinks with a few juice choices like lemonade. The drinks come in big tumblers or for the special drinks they come in wine, martini or other type of drink glasses. For fountain drinks there are free refills.

For starters or appetizers they have the choice of Mexican and Cajun apps. Including some things like Cajun popcorn a spicy Cajun fried shrimp that comes with their homemade Bayou sauce.They also have a chili con queso that comes with freshly baked chips and a spicy cheese dip.

As for their your main meal they have a variety of dishes. The menu isn’t quite too long but has some great tasty choices. They have many different type of fajitas, burgers, Cajun favorites, Mexican specialties, mesquite grilled  meals, quesadillas and salads. Not to mention a whole section of the menu designated to vegetarian dishes.

A great dish to try is the quesadillas. They have different types of quesadillas. Jose Tejas offers  regular quesadillas with chicken or beef, vegetable quesadillas and shrimp and crawfish quesadillas. The pulled beef quesadillas is something that I would recommend to anyone.

Overall the Jose Tejas is a must visit with it’s rustic atmosphere, to its fresh comfort food, and the ideal inexpensive prices.