Girls Winter track is Springing through the Scoreboards


Photo Credit: Tani Popoola

Track runners take time warming up before it is time for their event.

By: Mikeala Westbrook , Fall Reporter

Colonia High School’s Winter Track team has had their last match on Wednesday, January 20, 2016. This track meet was held indoor and was for both boys and girls. The track was at Ocean Breeze  indoor track in Staten Island.

Ocean Breeze’s indoor track is located at 625 Father Capodanno Boulevard Staten Island, NY 10305. The state of the art facility is 135,000 feet and can transform from 6 to 8 lanes. The track is 200 meters so you have to do everything you would do once on a normal 400 meter track twice. The high tech track can be altered to give a 4.5 feet incline at the curves of the track giving more of a challenge.

Track is a very competitive sport and involves many different activities. Track isn’t just narrowed down to running there are many different events involved in a formal track meet. There is running but also many different races for a vary of distances for example the 55, the 4×4 and the 400. These races are run by one or by many different people even from the same school. As there are races there is also jumping hurdles and an event called the high jump measuring who can jump the furthest out of all contestants from each school.

The match was between many different schools including Edison, South Plainfield, Woodbridge, Monroe, and many of the other towns that are surrounding Colonia High School in other townships or in the same township.

Out of all the school that were there Colonia High School did score some pretty good scores. Mary Ilelaboye one of Colonia High School’s sophomores and one of Colonia High’s fastest runners on our girls Winter track team won the 55 for Colonia High School. Another impressive out come was Amber Wagner Girls’ Winter Track member who is also a sophomore ranked number three in the girls 400 meter dash with a time of one minute and eight seconds.

The Girls’ Winter Track team has had a successful season with their coach Nicole Albelo. The girls winter track team trained since the end of the fall semester. Their training consisted of outside training on Colonia High School’s track. After the weather got too cold outside the training was brought inside of the High School. To practice inside they worked on drill on the stairs to practice incline. The track team ran the hallways of the high school to build up stamina and speed. They also utilized the weight room in the school and our high school gymnasium.

The training has worked out and left the Colonia High School girls track team in good standing for next year. Mary Ilelaboye said, “It was was a tough season, but we worked hard.”

Tani Popoola member of the girls track team also was proud of the track team as she commented on this season saying, ” Both the girls and boys ran an incredible season this year and have made great improvements.”