New Year’s Resolutions are valuable


Photo Credit: Jessica Lowrie

Keeping a New Years Resolution is sometimes not an easy task.

New Year’s Resolutions are promises that people make to themselves on the first day of the New Year. They promise themselves to do something good for the year ahead and stop doing anything bad.

New Year’s Resolutions are important People promise to lose weight, spend more time with their families, educate themselves, and so much more. New Year’s Resolutions are a time to reflect on the previous year and look forward to next year with new goals and dreams to accomplish. 45% of people at the beginning of 2013 made New Year’s Resolutions. If more people start making New Year’s Resolutions, the chances of achieving them are high.

Although Americans make these New Year’s Resolutions, they find it hard to follow through at the beginning of the New Year. According to a New Year’s Resolutions 2013: InfoGraphic, 25% of people who made New Year’s Resolutions don’t even make it past the first week. When people make New Year’s Resolutions, people should set realistic goals they know are achievable. Furthermore, Americans need to remind themselves often of their New Year’s Resolutions if they want to remain focused and committed to their goals. New Year’s Resolutions can remain relevant as long as people share their resolutions and become accountable.

New Year’s Resolutions are unique and give people something to build on going forward.  If Americans are dedicated to improving themselves and in education, Americans definitely can achieve it by believing in their New Year’s Resolutions and rewarding themselves for the effort they put in. People need to remain specific and set small attainable resolutions first before they reach for the bigger ones. New Year’s Resolutions should remain significant because it gives people the opportunity to start afresh.

New Year’s Resolutions are good to have because men who are looking to progress in their career can visit career conferences. It will give them opportunities for networking, motivation and advice on career progression. Having New Year’s resolutions allows everyone to make good decisions about the New Year possibly work together to achieve it.  New Year’s Resolutions are important to set and have because changing lifestyles can bring about new behavior and experiences. A change in lifestyles is good and necessary because everything can be viewed from a new angle and approach.

On the other hand, New Year’s Resolutions may not have any value or significance anymore. In 2013, 8 % of people are actually successful in achieving them. Americans are less likely in achieving them because they have busy schedules and can’t stray away from their daily routine and lifestyle. New Year’s resolutions are difficult to abide by and promises are easily broken because people don’t want to change their personality or behavior. They feel as though being the same person will automatically bring about change in their life.  It isn’t necessary to make resolutions because they don’t last too long.

New Year’s Resolutions should continue to be made. An honest person who wants to bring excitement and change in their life will definitely benefit from making New Year’s Resolutions because it will give that person a sense of responsibility and satisfaction that they were able to back up their promises. New Year’s Resolutions are meaningful to have because without it there is no motivation and goals to pursue. I think New Year’s Resolutions are good to make because there are no drawbacks and harm in making efforts for the upcoming year.