Tennis is serving up a great season

For 2 years Junior Nick Lam has been playing on the Varsity Tennis team. As a student-athlete Lam must balance the after school practices with the tough responsibilities of a high school student.

Last year, the team was led by Coach Richard Kondrk, but the 2016 coach is Biology teacher, Brian Finnegan. The team has followed in some big footsteps. Last year they competed in the Greater Middlesex Conference tournament, and a success led them to the State Tournament. But this year, Lam says “the team should strive to do our very best, and show the school that we are something.”

Junior Nick Lam
Photo Credit: With permission from Lors Photography
Junior Nick Lam

Being Lam’s second year on the team his personal goal is to improve as both a player and as a teammate. He says “ everyone plays baseball or softball, tennis is different.It’s special being a tennis player because it is so different.”

As of May 4, 2016 the team has a record of 3-7 and it is said that they’ve improved a lot. Finnegan who is stated as a great coach, says “I’ve always wanted to be a coach, and this was my first opportunity. I played in middle school/high school and so I was always hoping that it would be the sport I would coach, the opportunity came and I took it.”

The team has been preparing  by “going through the basics” as Finnegan calls it. He is reintroducing them to tennis since he didn’t know what they knew before him so they started. Practices are normally every day and on average they have 3 matches a week.

Finnegan stated that last year was a struggle and this year they are “growing.” They already have more wins than last year. Everyone on the team is a junior with the exception of 1 freshmen. The team has specifically improved since the beginning of the season as Coach encourages a lot of topspin.

Even though the team was eliminated from GMC’s in the first round, Junior, Keyur Palan made it through to the second round. Best of luck to the Varsity Boys’ Tennis team with the rest of their season.