Paying to get on the beach

By: Alyssa Margolin, Spring Reporter

Summer is a time to go to the beach. The beaches in New Jersey are extremely popular, that New Yorkers and people even from Pennsylvania travel here just to have a day at the beach. With thousands of people going to the beach per day during the summer, they make a lot of money.

The amount of money we have to pay to get on the beach baffles me. It can cost anywhere from $7-15 just to get on the beach for one day, not to mention there are $70-$100 beach passes for the season. In my opinion, this is ridiculous. Our beaches should be free, just as it is in Florida.

Paying for this view
Photo Credit: Alyssa Margolin
Paying for this view

Not to mention, the cost to get on the beach in general, but the parking is also pricey. There are parking lots that can cost around $30 to park for the day! That’s insane. So now, you are paying to get on the beach, paying to park, and you also have to buy food for the day. Usually, people eat food on the boardwalk which is also overpriced. Just to bring a family of five, it can cost around $100-$150 if not more just to spend a day at the beach.

Junior, Julia Jagodka, who goes to the beach often said, “I don’t feel like it’s necessary considering other states don’t have to pay a fee. But if it means that our beaches will stay clean, then I don’t mind paying.”

It’s disappointing to be excited to go to the beach and have to pay all of this money for all of these things. New Jersey should really make at least the beaches free, especially considering we have to pay for all of the other overpriced things. If free is not an option then a price reduction is in order so that people can enjoy nature.