Alter History with The Axis Of Time

An alternate history story by John Birmingham contains 3 stories that thrill.


Photo Credit: Thomas J. Lo Coco Jr.

By: Thomas J. Lo Coco Jr., Spring Reporter

Book One:

In the year 2021 a multinational naval fleet lead by long time leader Admiral Philip J. Kolhammer gathers off the coast of Indonesia to combat an Islamist terrorist uprising that captured the state. A scientific research vessel tags along for the ride, attached to an asset originally tasked with protecting it. As the fleet prepares their offensive against the rogue Islamist state, an experiment is taking place aboard the scientific research vessel. An experiment that creates a negative space wedgie and sends most of the technologically advanced fleet through time. Appearing in the middle of the American fleet steaming toward Midway, the past and future collide with devastating results, changing history forever.

You will be carried through a mesmerizing adventure as the culture of the twenty first century shoehorns itself into the conservative culture of the twentieth century. The future goes to war with the past not only overseas, but back at home. Not in a shooting war, but in a culture war. Some are easily accepting of the future’s culture. Others are willing to commit atrocities to the uptimers, as they come to be known, in order to demoralize them because they aren’t happy with the information and culture brought with them. It doesn’t work and the future forces unleash their weapons on the real enemy in a mission to show good will for the damages caused. The thrill of the fight will leave you wanting more, but you’ll soon come to see that not everything the future brought to the path is a good thing.

Book Two:

It’s been a few months since the Transition ripped a hole in time and sent Admiral Kolhammer’s fleet back through history. The culture and law of the future has a strong foothold in the United States, but not so much elsewhere. His fleet has been pulled apart for the defense of their respective homelands against a new, more dedicated push from the axis powers.

You will become immersed in the technological thrill and pure destruction of twenty first century weaponry taking on the most powerful weapons of the contemporary era. The destructive might of their weaponry will enthrall you. But the emotion struggle of a society at war with itself will pull you in even more.

Book Three:

Two years have passed since the Multinational Fleet was juxtaposed in time at Midway and the technological arms race is in full swing. The mighty industrial complex of the United States has put them on top. When will it end? Probably once the world is has caught up to twenty first century technology. The Soviets have built a mighty arsenal as well. The war is almost over, but a new one will soon begin. How will the Allies respond to the Soviet threat?

The pages will turn themselves as you’re sucked in deeper. Old questions will be answered. New questions will arise. You won’t be able to look away as the final battle between past and future will come to bear. Schizo tech will clash in a glorious fireball that will redefine the history world for the next century.


If you’re a fan of alternate history pieces, techno thrillers, and clever writing, this book series if for you. The world John Birmingham creates feels almost real to the point where you’ll connect to all of the major characters. For added fun, the readings of the series available on will draw you in even more as Jay Snider does great justice to the fantastic writing.