Spongebob Squarepants the Musical Floating up to Broadway

First looks were held in Chicago's Oriental Theatre from June 7, 2016 to July 10, 2016.


Photo Credit: Photo via Alyssa Salvato under Creative Commons License

The colorful stage displayed under black lights for Spongebob The Musical.

By: Alyssa Salvato, Fall Reporter

Spongebob Squarepants the musical started previews on Monday, November 6 and is already a big hit for everyone! At the Palace Theatre located on Broadway you will be able to buy tickets and enjoy the show.

The entrance doors are covered with sea flowers and inside is a merchandise booth called the Bikini Bottom Boutique. The Boutique has shirts, sweatshirts, cds, fidget spinners, magnets, beanies, and socks. Once you hit up the shops you will find your seats and read through your playbill.

The stage set was crafted in such a way that the audience feels as if they are looking down on Bikini Bottom. To the right there is a little band playing some relaxing music you may hear on the TV show. On the left is the Foley who makes the various sounds needed for the show and in front of him is props for a Spongebob fan club with a chair that Patchy the Pirate, Spongebob’s biggest fan will sit. On the sides where boxed seating usually is there are props that glow in the dark! There is coral and a bicycle with rocks and kelp on the other side. The show begins as the best day ever until Mount Humongous is about to erupt. Though an unlikely hero steps up to the plate to protect Bikini Bottom.

There was an array of choreography from Hip Hop to Tut and the whole soundtrack went along perfectly with a collaboration of different genres and artists. There is music from Panic! At the Disco, David Bowie, They Might Be Giants, Sara Bareilles, members of Aerosmith, John Legend, Lady Antebellum, The Plain White T’s, and Tom Kenny, the voice of Spongebob on TV.

There were even a few references to the show being “my leg” and “is mayonnaise an instrument?” which made the show ten times better. The actors even made sure they sounded exactly like their characters which was most likely very tedious to do and keep throughout, even when singing. For it being nine of the actors first debut on Broadway, it is incredible how great they did. There were many diverse colors in the props, scenes, and costumes. It was purely unique with the costumes as well. Since they were all underwater mammals there was an assortment of costumes with different patterns and shapes. There was never a dull or out of place moment! They ran down the aisles and interacted with the audience, what a time you will have.  

Though there are a few suggestions that could help the show improve. The voice of Gary the Snail is portrayed by the same actor as Larry the Lobster. Instead of voicing him on stage have him do it in the wings, it makes no sense to sit dressed as Larry while saying meow. Also, when all the citizens of Bikini Bottom are on stage there are these two fish that have no face or fins. They are just tubes while everyone else is in some awesome looking costume.

The previews showed the world that this show is a must see! This will be worth your while and is no doubt worth 5 sponges.