Colonia dominates Hillside High


Photo Credit: Angelique Richardson

Swish Swish Score ! Hillside High attempting a free throw.

By: Angelique Richardson, Senior News Editor

On Thursday, January 18th, the girls’ junior varsity basketball team went up against Hillside, a worthy opponent, at 4:00 pm in the Colonia High School gymnasium, claiming a victory for the scoreboard.

Starting off in the first quarter Hillside had full control of the ball, steadily dribbling up and down the court. But as the energy became competitive, Colonia began coming in strong with clean-cut steals. Colonia dribbles up the court continuously all quarter, only stopping once in a while to defend their hoop from Hillside. Overall, Colonia took the lead, with Hillside trailing two points behind.

Jumping into the second quarter, Colonia still holds the lead with a score of 6-4. Throughout the game, but most presently seen in the second quarter, Colonia put forward a strong offense. Equally as strong was Colonia’s defense, which had very little room for Hillside to shoot and score.  While Hillside’s defense was strong in the first quarter, it began to simmer down in the second quarter.  which gave Colonia opportunities. But in replacement for their defense, Hillside’s offense came alive, allowing them to score 5 points in total this quarter. Still, Colonia tops with a score of 16-9.

Both teams evenly put in the effort, making the score close at times. In the second quarter, Hillside shot a foul shot, also known as a free throw, scoring 1 point.  As the buzzer came close to ringing, Colonia scores a 3 pointer and ends the quarter with a layup shot.

“I have a lot of pride in Colonia, that’s why I’m here.  Basketball is my favorite to watch because I like basketball obviously. But, in all seriousness, all the hard work and dedication that athletes work for shows off in a sport like basketball,” said Colson Milford, a junior here at Colonia High School.

While in the third quarter, both teams had opportunities to score with foul shots, but no points were awarded as neither team made the shot. Despite the constant running, both teams still had fierce determination. No room to get tired, as the game was too close to slow down. Although the game was getting intense, fouls increasingly became committed. This caused the clock to stop a few times in order to allow foul shots to be shot. Colonia scored one foul shot, earning one point. Hillside scored two fouls shots, earning two points. As the buzzer rang loud, the score displayed 21-11 with Colonia still leading.

The end came quickly in the fourth quarter. Both teams put in maximum effort as they try to even out the scoreboard. But try as you might, Colonia takes the win with a totaling score of 34-18.

“It is energetic, I see my kid smiling and at other times I see my kid really into the game, giving her full attention. It is most definitely about hard work and being able to walk off the court proud of everyone, but most importantly themselves,” explained a parent of the Hillside High school team.