Baseball and softball upcoming seasons

With the start of spring, baseball and softball prepare to take the field.

Photo Credit: photo via Amazon under creative commons license

With the start of spring, baseball and softball prepare to take the field.

By: Jillian Pero, spring reporter

The Colonia High School baseball and softball seasons are approaching. Both coming off great seasons, players and coaches are ready for a potential great year.                                      


Senior, Anthony Palmisano, answered a few questions about this season and last season. The roster is the same, except for the loss of three seniors that graduated- Tyler Layton, Jared Ruiz, and Charlie Tavormina. Tavormina was a star at the plate, and Ruiz and Layton were good players on the mound.

“This years’ seniors have to step up and replace them and then the underclassmen will follow,” Palmisano said.

Palmisano also told us that Chris Michael, another senior, is the star player of the team. Michael is the ace on the mound and he can also play many other positions.

Last year the team made it to the quarterfinals in the county tournament but came up short 9-1 vs. St. Joe’s. “Wasn’t the best game we played together,” Palmisano reported. He also stated that they suffered a tough loss in the first round of states to dramatically end their season. This year there is only a JV and Varsity team due to the fact that there was not many freshman that tried out but they are still expecting to have a successful season.


Junior Sabrina Tiseo also answered some questions. The team had their ups and downs last season but now they know what they could’ve done better. Tiseo expects this season to be successful because of the good players they have on the team.

“There is no star player. Softball is a team reform and every player contributes something different,” Tiseo explained.

Last year the team lost two seniors, but since their team last year was mostly young players they aren’t worried and ready to play better this season then last. She stated that she doesn’t really know any of the freshman because she is just coming out of a season of cheer-leading, but she is sure that there are some players that could potentially play varsity from what she has seen. Last season the girls’ varsity team won districts and this season will be just as successful as long as each player gives it their all.

Both players seem to have confidence in themselves and their teammates this upcoming season. They have a good chance of achieving a winning record this season because of all the hard work and the wonderful coaching staff both teams have.

Mr. Scialfo, the head boys’ baseball coach, has had successful seasons in the past with this team. Mrs. Cyrana, the head girls’ softball coach has also been successful winning championships and other games in seasons. Both coaches are ready for the season and are excited to see what will be coming.

Workouts being before tryouts gives the players a chance to become ready to play and tryout. This made it easier for them to get the hang of things before the season.