The truth about “Truth Or Dare”

discovering the truth your friends were keeping from you

Photo Credit: photo via wikimedia commons under creative commons

discovering the truth your friends were keeping from you

By: Aimee Seppelt, Spring reporter

A harmless game of Truth or Dare among friends turns into a deadly game when someone or something gets punish if they don’t tell the truth or don’t do the dare.

Info About Truth Or Dare 

Truth Or Dare is a horror film that was released on April 13,2018. The film is rated PG 13 for violence, disturbing content, alcohol abuse, language, and also sexuality.  It was directed by Jeff Wadlow, written by Jillian Jacobs, Michael Reisz, Christopher Roach and Jeff Wadlow. The movie is about 1 hour and 40 minutes long.

Truth or Dare is about a group of friends going on spring break to Mexico where they can party. The next thing you know they meet a guy who took them to a building to play truth or dare. The game turns sinister in seconds, the game follows them home where they find out the rules. Don’t do the dare you die, don’t tell the truth you die. The group of friends spill out some secrets they never wanted to tell anyone.

When being brought up to the old haunted building they didn’t think anything of it. The friends thought it was this nice game of truth or dare, not a game where all their friends die.

The group of friends are Olivia (Lucy Hale,) Lucas (Tyler Posey,) Markie (Violett Beane,) Penelope (Sophia Ali,) Tyson (Nolan Funk,) Ronnie (Sam Lerner,) and then there’s Sam or Carter (Landon Liboiron,) who initiated the conflict.

They all played a big part in the movie and did an amazing job. The casts dedication and $3.5 million budget made the movie worth the watch.


Truth or Dare was a really good movie but the ending was bad. They found out that the game was possessed and the only way to end the game was to get rid of it. The person who summons the demon has to cut their tongue out and seal it with wax.  Except they killed off the only characters, Carter or Sam, that could save them all.  Although I think they should’t have killed Carter it makes it a great ending for another movie.

The movie is labeled as horror or a thriller, but I didn’t think it was all that scary. There was maybe a part or two I jumped at, because it would be really quiet and then  would have loud music like they do in every horror movie.

In the end there were two girls left alive and someone had to die to end the game.

For the two girls to survive, Olivia and Markie, they needed more people to join the game so they wouldn’t die. Olivia had a YouTube Channel and asked all  her subscribers “Truth or Dare” so they would all join the game. I was kind of surprised they did this with the movie. I thought they would have killed one of them off and then go home and the game not be over. But it’s really cool how they switched it up. Instead, they had a different idea, in which they asked others to join the game.

They did these crazy dares where it could almost kill them or even kill a friend. This was slightly unrealistic. Who would really do these dares?

Another thing, I liked was when they got possessed by this demon. They had these creepy smiles, their head tilted down and their eyes looking up at you. I found this really cool but kind of funny because their smiles were oversized. Overall, I do recommend seeing this movie if it is age appropriate.