Colonia falls to South Plainfield in a fight to the finish


Photo Credit: The Declaration

All smiles, The Colonia Girl’s Softball team celebrates their opening day victory with a team photo

By: Zachary Pereira, Spring Editor and Reporter

On  Monday, April 16th, Colonia’s Softball team lost 5-3 against a tough South Plainfield opponent at home.  Colonia sits at a 5-4 record and looks to bounce back next game.

South Plainfield wasted little time getting things going. Danielle DeCarlo hit a two-run home run to take a early lead.  The action would not stop there, as Colonia’s Lauren Wright drove in two runs on a single, tying the game at two.

As the second inning began, Colonia’s Pitcher Sabrina Tiseo would get tough on the mound. Without any hesitation, Tiseo struck out all three of the Tiger’s batters in a one, two, three inning.  However, there was promise for Colonia in the second inning,  as Center Fielder Sarah Soos rocked a single down the third base line.  Although Soos would reach third, South Plainfield buckled down to keep the game tied at two. The strong defense by both teams continued into the third, as both the Tigers and Patriots were kept from getting on base.

The game would begin to turn in the fourth inning, as Tiseo gave up a single and a walk. With two girls on base, South Plainfield’s Jennifer Flasser would hit a sac fly to take a 3-2 lead.  However, the Tigers wouldn’t hold the lead for long as Colonia’s Second Baseman Alyssa Gregor got on base with a infield single. Gregor would make it third after Sarah Soos placed a good sac bunt down the first base line.  With a runner in scoring position, Catcher Julie Santos would hit a single to tie that game at three. The strong defense would play a part once more as the game remained tied for two more innings. This included plays by Third Baseman Lauren Wright, Short Stop Caitlyn Hroncich, First Baseman Frankie Brock, and Sarah Soos.

As the seventh inning began it seemed the strong defensive play would not end. As a result, Caitlyn Hroncich took care of a ball at short stop and Frankie Brock got under a high pop up to leave the Tigers with two outs.

South Plainfield needed a spark and they found it in MaKayla Sosa. Sosa went up to bat with one runner and smacked a double to take the lead 4-3. South Plainfield wasn’t finished, when Sosa stole home on a poor throw. Colonia had a little spark of of hope going into the bottom half of the seventh inning, where Sarah Soos worked a walk. Despite having one girl on base, Colonia couldn’t recover and fell to South Plainfield 5-3.

Junior First Baseman Frankie Brock explained how the team bounces back after a tough loss. “We’ve had a lot of close games this season that we should have won. So we juts have to keep our heads up and don’t look back on the past and keep moving forward.”