Strong performance at the plate allows Colonia to top Perth Amboy


Photo Credit: Zachary Pereira

Ready to play, the Colonia Softball team prepares for the ball to come their way against Perth Amboy.

By: Zachary Pereira, Spring Editor and Reporter

On Monday, April 23rd, the Colonia Softball team used a strong offense performance to defeat Perth Amboy. The game lasted only five innings as Colonia won 10-0 thanks to the High School mercy rule.

Allowing their usual starter of Junior Sabrina Tiseo to rest, Colonia looked to Sophomore Rebecca Hoff to step up on the mound.  Colonia proved that their defense was their strength as they wasted little time showing their talent to the Panthers.  A ground ball to Junior Second baseman Kelli Mulrooney and two strikeouts by Hoff quickly ended the inning.  Continuing their swift efforts, Colonia got things going at the plate as Junior Julie Santos led the inning off with a single. Santos continued with a strong base running, advancing to second a ground out.

Junior Short stop Caitlyn Hroncich reached first base on an error, placing runners on the corners for Lauren Wright.  Wright, a Junior Third baseman, was able to pick up an RBI making the score 1-0.   Following Wright, was Junior Alivia Taveras who worked a walk. Now with another runner on, Senior Outfielder Jess Donovan smacked in a RBI to make it 2-0. Perth Amboy would rally back  however, but not before Junior Alyssa Gregor brought in another RBI making it 3-0. The second inning began with a spark of hope for the Panthers, as Ashley Ricks got on with a single. However, Colonia would not be intimidated as Hoff struck out the next three batters to end the inning.

Colonia would remain hot, as Senior Outfielder Sarah Soos worked a walk to start the inning. Casey Mulrooney stepped up to the following a strikeout by Santos.  A wild pitch during Mulrooney’s at bat allowed Soos to reach third in scoring position. Casey Mulrooney reached first being hit hit by a pitch, leaving runners on the corners for Hroncich.  Hroncich was able to drive in a run off a single making it 4-0. Colonia was able to continue moving around the bases as both Taveras and Donovan drove in runs to make it 6-0 still only with one out.

The Patriots didn’t let up as a single by Gregor and a walk from Kelli Mulrooney added two more runs to increase the lead to 8-0.  Colonia was able to reach the top of the order with Sarah Soos hitting in one more run during her second at bat of the inning, making the score 9-0.  Kelli Mulrooney took control in the third inning, making multiple plays at second base to keep points off the board.  As Colonia took the bats out in the third, they once again had the bases loaded with Rebecca Hoff, Casey Mulrooney, and Frankie Brock all getting on. However, the Panthers were able to hold on, not allowing more runs.

Entering the fourth inning, it looked like Perth Amboy would turn things around, as Ashley ricks smacked a double to start off.  Hoff would not be concerned about this on the mound, as she struck out the next two batters.  Colonia got off to another fire start in the bottom of the fourth, as Kelli Mulrooney hit a single.  Following the quick start, Colonia would load the bases for a third time. Junior Lauren Godfrey reached first on a error and Julie Santos was able to get a walk. With multiple runners ready to score, Senior catcher Yamilee Moreta stepped up to the plate. Standing tall, Moreta was hit by a pitch to walk a runner in making the score 10-0.

With victory in their grasp, Colonia’s defense came alive once more in the fifth inning. A easy ground ball to Hoff followed by a strikeout, got the first two outs of the inning. Frankie Brock was able to take care of another ground ball that came down to First Base for the third out.  With a lead of 10-0, Colonia got the win due to the State’s Mercy rule.