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The student news site of Colonia High School

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The student news site of Colonia High School

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Advice for surviving your senior year

Photo Credit: David Kaca
Former student, David Kaca, decorated his graduation cap inspired by one of his favorite shows, “The Office.”

Senior year is the year where stress is overwhelmingly present. As everyone searches and decides where they will choose to call home for the next four years. As we approach the last standing year to organize ourselves and our future, what can we do?

Stay On Top Of  Your Grades

As bad grades and sloppy attendance roll around, the infamous “ I have senioritis” excuse comes right along with it. Senioritis is the mentality many seniors pose, they believe their senior year does not count. They think all their hard work was accomplished in the previous three years. As much as I would like that to be true, it simply is not. Colleges still look at all four years, and more often than not, a high school transcript is a requirement. It is a guarantee that through your senior year, you will have to balance school work, personal responsibility, and a social life. Remember your priorities.

Take the SAT

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Over the school year, there are multiple opportunities to take the SATs, including a free one for seniors provided by the school. The highest score you can receive on the SAT is 1600. Although that does not necessarily mean you are not smart if you do not get a perfect score. There are many ways to help you achieve a good score, such as SAT prep classes, practice tests, and boot camp.

Attend College Visits and Open Houses

During the months of September through November, universities will begin sending representatives to your school. This is to answer any questions or concerns you may have about that school or their application process. These opportunities help students better decide what university to attend, when and how to start their applications, deadlines, and what steps they would need to take in order to reach their career. In addition to this, some colleges offer specific days during the week to be a student for a day. This gives you a chance to experience the feeling of the campus, view classes in session, and interact with students.

Apply to College

If you are anything like me, you probably drink too much coffee during the summer and did not even glance at college websites. But the truth is, application deadlines come faster than you think. Most colleges have rolling admission, making their deadlines for applications sometime around May 1. But others, have the early decision and early action admissions that are due in January, or even December. Applications are thorough and require a lot of personal information, and thought. Set aside time to begin working on applications, and edit them accordingly.  During your application process, you will need to request letters of recommendations from your teachers and guidance counselors. This step takes time and requires patience. You are asking someone to write a letter portraying you to be an outstanding student. No good book is written in a single day.

Take It Easy

As much as you want to graduate and experience life on your own, whether you are living in a dorm or staying home, remember you can not relive these moments. Senior year is full of privileges, opportunities, and emotions. With graduation approaching, prom season, and waves of stress remember to be grateful for what is around you. As much as you may dislike your peers, or really like others,  be sure to appreciate every interaction you have regardless of its outcome. All of our experiences teach us lessons and help us navigate what we do next. Participate in school events, and make good choices.

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About the Contributor
Angelique Richardson
Angelique Richardson, Senior News Editor
Angelique Richardson is a 17 year old Senior at Colonia High School. She enjoys spending free time reading, writing poetry, practicing music, and taking yoga classes. Richardson is a hard-working, dedicated student - her favorite subject being English as it has nothing to do with numbers. Richardson's favorite season is fall because of  the festivities such as pumpkin picking, hay rides and drinking apple cider. She enjoys working with children and therefore spends summer doing volunteer work at Matthew Jago School. Richardson is currently a employee at Colonia Dairy Maid. Although She does not play sports, she does have an interest in watching sports. Richardson aspires to major in medicine and become a pediatrician.

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Advice for surviving your senior year