Giving gifts for the holidays

By: Olivia Voreas, Reporter

Have you ever struggled with buying a teenager a gift? For example, a friend or family member? Trends are forever changing, and you always want the gift to be worthwhile but also be something they’ll enjoy. I have a majority of gift ideas that will help you give during this holiday season!

Being a teenager, everything is very stressful and unorganized. We always have so many things going on, so one of the gifts to help with this are planners. They can write down everything they have to get done. They can also keep track of their work and plans each week. Another little something to help relieve stress are Bath & Body Works stress relief lotions and sleep sprays. They have all different scents that help to put you in a certain mood.

Thinking about Interests

Maybe the person your shopping for is into working out. You can get them a yoga mat, water bottle, or their favorite healthy snacks as stocking stuffers. Every person has different interests, but that doesn’t mean you have to get them something you know they’ll like. You can always switch it up and get them something different and introduce them into new interests.

Another gift is a gag gift, something that’s funny and affordable. It’ll give them a good laugh and also show them you care. Handmade gifts are also a very popular thing when it comes to shopping for friends, if you’re close enough to the person you’re shopping to you can make a picture collage for them. Gifting a picture collage is super simple, but is also meaningful and is something they’ll keep and look back at forever.

If you’re not very close to the person you’re shopping for and you need a quick, last minute gift that they’ll like you can’t go wrong with money. Find out their favorite store/restaurant and get them a gift card! Gifting money/gift cards doesn’t seem thoughtful to most people, but it will eventually come in handy.

What’s Trending

For more in general gift, you can shop by category. Categories to look into are electronics, clothing, and cosmetics. In 2018, you can make any teenager happy with a new phone, speaker or blue tooth headphones. With clothing, if you know the person’s style you can get them something, maybe an accessory you’d see them wearing. One of the biggest trends right now is having really good skin and makeup, so finding skincare or makeup products that are popular right now is a simple gift to give this holiday season.

Gift giving is a difficult task during the holidays, but as long as you’re caught up with the trends you’ll get the perfect present! Gifts don’t always have to be crazy expensive and big, even the little things count.  

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