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Giving gifts for the holidays

By: Olivia Voreas, Reporter

December 24, 2018

Have you ever struggled with buying a teenager a gift? For example, a friend or family member? Trends are forever changing, and you always want the gift to be worthwhile but also be something they’ll enjoy. I have a majority of gift ideas that will help you give during this holiday season! Being a teenager, everything is very stressful and unorganized. We always have...

Tim Burton’s “The Nightmare Before Christmas” not your typical holiday movie

Tim Burton’s “The Nightmare Before Christmas” not your typical holiday movie

December 24, 2018

Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas is a very well known early 90’s film. If you aren’t familiar with the animated movie, it’s about the ad...

Choosing to march to the top

Choosing to march to the top

November 13, 2017

Calanni was a student at Colonia High School during the years of 2005-2009. Calanni made sure his attendance was decent. But school was never the strongest focus in his...

Is it right to criticize the First Family?

Is it right to criticize the First Family?

December 22, 2014

President Barack Obama is a highly publicized figure as leader of the United States of America, but should his family be subjected to criticism as well? Recently,...

Returning gifts is one of the biggest pains during the holidays, so re-gift

By: Andy Kuchen, Reporter and Media Manager

January 6, 2014

Have you ever gotten that one gift from grandma or someone else that made you believe in the saying, “You shouldn’t have”? Christmas gifts like an ugly sweater or an impractical gadget are not always fun to have, and yet we keep them. Why? It’s because returning gifts is a horrible experience. Just a few years ago, I went to the mall on December 26th. Want...

ABC’s The Neighbors goes from a flop to the top

By: John Ross, Club Reporter

December 10, 2013

In September 2012, ‘The Neighbors’ premiered like many other new shows as the official TV season begins. It was originally on ABC’s ‘Comedy Wednesday’, which contains hit shows like The Middle and Modern Family. But this new show was very different from the others. The Neighbors storyline is about a family who moves into a gated community in suburban New Jersey, a ...

Four out of five shamrocks for Molly Maguires

By: Jessica Fleischman, Reporter

December 8, 2013

This Sunday, I decided to go try out Molly Maguires in Clark, NJ, with my family. Molly Maguires is an Irish Restaurant/Bar that offers not only Irish but American food as well. When I entered the restaurant, it had quite a nice atmosphere; owners keep one room to a sports bar type atmosphere with football games playing in the background, and the other room to a more quiet,...

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