Elf makes it onto the nice list this year


Photo Credit: Flickr

Will Ferrell, as Buddy the elf, eating spaghetti with various condiments.

By: Angelique Richardson, Editor

Elf is a Christmas movie about a human elf named Buddy who is too big for the elf world. In search of himself, and his dad, he ventures into the real world. This film is family friendly, as it has a rate of PG. The movies run time is 1 hour and 37 minutes. The films release date was November 7, 2003. The movie gathered $220,236,410 worldwide in the Box Office.

The movie stars the funny as ever, Will Ferrell, as the main character. It starts off with Buddy the elf, always sticking out when he’s among all the other elves. The result of him feeling alone is him traveling to New York City to find his biological father. The movie does a great job of displaying the feeling Buddy experiences while learning about humans. The way he comes to New York and eats gum off of a railing is something a child would do. 

The Naughty

While the film is joyous, I found it predictable. From the moment they introduced Jovie, a female elf, it was obvious. In many holiday movies there is a Grinch like character that always comes around in the end. Also the fact that Buddy continuously talks about Santa, lead me to believe that he would end of reuniting with Santa. Although the film holds the classic issue revolving around people not believing in Santa, it only provides one solution to that problem. Forcing everyone to sing Christmas songs to help Santa fly seems a bit unrealistic for me.

The Nice

I like the way Buddy, although he is an adult, still believes. He encourages people to see the best in what they have rather what they wish they had. in addition to that, the movie also has a scene that shows Buddy sticking up to his brothers mean peers from school. I do believe this movie shows that age does not matter in terms of celebrating Christmas. It emphasizes the importance of first times, and learning lessons.

The overview

The film contains aspects from other holiday classics, such as Rudolph. It contains many opportunities to laugh, even for the most unenthusiastic. Ferrell sticks to the main four food groups. “Candy, candy canes, candy corn, and syrup”.  The movie has even inspired many to recreate the breakfast Buddy makes. This movie holds the wonder and joy there is, even in stressful times. I appreciate the fact that they include Buddy falling in love. I think it is important and relatable to show someone’s first relationship. Although the movie is categorized as fantasy, and romance, it is more of comedy. Without spoiler alerts, this movie is a Christmas classic and it contains the magic of the season. I would give it 4 out of 5 presents.