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The student news site of Colonia High School

The Declaration

The student news site of Colonia High School

The Declaration

“White Christmas” is the movie to get you into the Christmas spirit

Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures
In 1954, White Christmas was the highest-grossing film. The song “White Christmas” written by Irving Berlin in 1940 and was rerecorded by Bing Crosby in 1942. It was already a hit prior to the movie coming out. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Crosby’s version of the song is the best-selling single of all time.

“White Christmas” is a film that was released October 14, 1954, that contains romance, comedy, and drama. It was produced by Robert Emmett Dolan and directed by Micheal Curtiz. With the support of Paramount Pictures, Dolan was able to showcase what his sweat and creativity created.  Bing Crosby (Bob Wallace), Danny Kaye (Phil Davis), Rosemary Clooney (Betty Haynes), Vera-Ellen (Judy Haynes) were the lead actors. Rotten Tomatoes are at 77%, while the audience rated it 88%.

Who should watch and where to stream:

Age group: 13+

Stream: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, theaters (when in season)


The film centers on Bob and Phil who are in show business.

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Bob and Phil were in the service during World War II. The general announces that he is retiring during their little skit and moments later Phil saves Bob’s life from a falling building hurting his arm in the process.

 Then there is General Waverly played by Dean Jagger and Anne Whitfield plays his granddaughter Susan Waverly. The keeper of the inn the General owns is Emma Allen played by Mary Wickes.

After the War

Since Phil saved Bob’s life he kind of manipulated Bob into going into show business with him and they both knew the other was good.  They gradually became very well known. Phil would try to get Bob involved with girls and he would turn it down because he says girls in show business don’t wanna settle down.

Bob received a letter from an old army friend  asking a favor. So Bob and Phil go watch this sisters act they were asked to see which is Betty Haynes and Judy Haynes performing a song and dance. Bob can’t keep his eyes off Betty and Phil acted the same with Judy.


Betty and Judy have a job for the holidays in Vermont. Bob and Phil followed them to Vermont. Once they arrive at the Inn Bob and Phil see their old general being a struggling landlord and their heart hurts for the man because they know he is a good guy. Bob and Phil come up with the idea to perform at the Inn to bring in money for their old struggling general.  As said in New York times, “And to show their appreciation of the good old general and the difficult circumstances he appears to be in, they provide free entertainment and call in a big rally of comrades for the Christmas holidays.”

Love getting in the Way

Bob goes onto the Ed Harrison show to get any person from their rank to come be in the show to give a thank to their old general for making them the men they are today. Although Bob didn’t tell anyone what he was doing there were miscommunications and he may lose Betty in that process.

Will Bob and Betty makeup? Will Judy and Phil take the fake engagement too far?


Onto the acting Bing Crosby’s performance was excellent. He is an amazing singer and a wonderful actor. His wardrobe always brings out his blue eyes which is a little thing I have noticed.

Danny Kaye’s performance as Phil Davis captured the character very well. He is an awkward guy who rambles when he doesn’t know what to say. He isn’t very much of a ladies man and has a hard time talking to girls and it is very obvious. Danny Kaye embodied Phil Davis extremely well hitting all the awkward points and when it was time for him to be loving he could.

Rosemary Clooney plays Betty Haynes perfectly. I absolutely loved her performance she is probably my personal favorite character in White Christmas. She sings beautifully and her acting is beautiful. She is protective and loyal to the people she cares for and it is captured so elegantly.

Vera-Ellen’s performance is probably my least favorite. I think she was just hired because she can dance. As the Hollywood Reporter says, “The piquant personality and twinkling legs of the lithe and youthful little dancer, Vera-Ellen, are another asset.” This shows that her dancing in White Christmas is all that is really noticed. Her singing is too high pitched to go along with everyone else’s in the movie. Don’t get me wrong her dancing is astonishing but her acting is just a little off. She doesn’t match the vibe of everyone else on the cast of White Christmas.


A very heart warming scene that makes you feel all warm inside was seeing those men on Christmas Eve care about their general so much. Phil saving Bob’s life was so selfless and the things you wish to see more of.

I enjoy every song on the soundtrack. Although the song about Choreography I don’t feel it matches anything else in the movie. I love that the story line is helping a good person to thrive in life. The romantic aspect of it is so cute which you can root for either couple.

Overall, I really enjoy this movie. I think is a great way to get into the Christmas spirit.


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