The Santa Clause is bringing Christmas spirit to town

The Santa Clause Movie Review

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The Santa Clause Movie Review

By: Kerri Lishak, Reporter

The Santa Clause is an infamous Christmas comedy released in 1994, but becomes as popular as it once was when the holiday season comes around. During the holidays, families tend to spend time watching Christmas movies together and The Santa Clause is by far one of the most humorous family movies.

Scott Calvin, a divorced father, who doesn’t see his son often because he spends most of his time working. His ex-wife and him have one son, Charlie. His ex-wife, Laura, doesn’t agree with the way Scott raises Charlie. She feels as if he spends more time worrying about work rather than the well-being of their own son. On Christmas Eve, Scott picks Charlie up to spend time with him during the holidays. Although Charlie is a little hesitant, he leaves looking forward to waking up with the presents under the tree.

Charlie wakes up, startled by loud noises coming from the roof. He quickly runs to wake his dad. As Scott wakes up and listens to the noises, he starts to think that someone’s trying to break into their home. He grabs a baseball bat, tells Charlie to stay inside, and runs outside to see what all the chaos was. The last person Scott expected to be on the roof falls off and lost consciousness. Charlie runs outside to see Santa Clause lying on their front lawn unable to wake up. Along with Santa on the lawn are his reindeer on the roof. Charlie jumps on the sleigh and that was just the beginning of their adventure. 

The reindeer brought Scott and Charlie to the North Pole, where the elves explained to Scott that he will take over the job and title of Santa Clause for the following year. Scott didn’t know how to feel about the task, but he knew he couldn’t ruin Christmas morning for millions of children. As he delivered the many presents to children’s homes, he started to grow a beard, a belly, and the desire to eat cookies and drink milk that the children left for him throughout the night. Not only did his belief in Christmas change, but it changed Charlie’s too. Millions of children finally start to believe in the magic that Christmas brings.  

The Santa Clause tells an incredible Christmas story. Not only does it entertain readers, it makes people just more anxious for Christmas day to arrive. According to, The Santa Clause is rated four stars overall. Parents highly recommend that children only over the age of nine and above should watch the humorous Christmas movie. Younger children tend to have mixed emotions while watching and listening. Many times throughout the movie, people say they don’t believe in Santa, his elves, or even the North Pole. Young children seem to grow upset at the fact they hear Santa delivering their presents is just imaginary.

The Santa Clause is rated higher for younger children and teens with four stars. For adults however, it’s only rated mediocre with three stars. Overall, it’s a movie recommended for children and teenagers. Not only is The Santa Clause a great movie to watch while spending time with friends and families. It brings happiness to homes and brings the Christmas spirit back into people’s lives.