Restricted Teen Drivers


Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

A main road in Monmouth County, New Jersey.

By: Emily Vogler, Editor

There are many teens that are starting to get their license. In New Jersey, every teen that first gets their license starts with a probationary license. When someone receives their probationary license, they are many restrictions.

According to Richardson Law Offices, in New Jersey, if a person is either under 21 years old or has never had a driver license, he or she is required to complete a period of supervised driving before getting a basic driver license. This Graduated Driver License (GDL) program introduces driving privileges in phases. The are three different options to complete this program. The Learners Permit is for 16 year old drivers, Probationary License for 17-21 year olds, and Adult First Time Drivers for 21 and older.

According to, teens between the age of 16-20 are not allowed to drive between 11:01 pm and 5 am. They also may only transport one passenger, unless the driver is accompanied by a parent or guardian or the passengers are the driver’s children. They must display the GDL decals on any vehicle they drive. If they don’t follow any of these rules, they will face a fine of $100 for a violation under the GDL law.

I think that the Probationary License is good for teens to start out with. This is because teen drivers aren’t as experienced as other drivers. It is easy for them to lose focus especially if they have a car full of friends. This saves a lot of teens and makes it a better, safe driving environment.