Finding hope for Venezuela


Photo Credit: Photo via Flickr under Creative Commons License

Civilians run in front of burning police cars during a demonstration against Maduro in Caracas in 2014.

Hyperinflation rates of 1.7 million percent have destroyed the lives of Venezuelans in the past six years under President Maduro. Shortages of food and medical care have increased. Also, citizens are left malnourished as they struggle to provide for themselves.

Photo via Wikimedia Commons under Creative Commons License.
Shelves remain empty in many stores across the country.

Maduro is losing his following

Nicolás Maduro has been infringing human rights since his rise to power after the death of Chávez in 2013. In a survey performed by Datincorp in April 2018, 57 percent of respondents said that they would leave Venezuela if they had the chance. The people of Venezuela are seeing that they will suffer as long as Maduro is in power.

Government officials are arresting, abusing, and even killing reporters. In addition to this, anyone who criticizes the government is punished. Children and adults are losing access to medical care. Maternal mortality rates have risen by 65%  from 2014 to 2016 years as a result of this.

New hope for the future

The interim president Guaidó (left) and Maduro (right). Photo via Wikimedia Commons under Creative Commons License

Venezuelans have been hurting in the hands of Maduro for far too long. A Debate over possible fraud during the last election has left many people outraged. On January 23, Juan Guaidó, head of the National Assembly, named himself president of Venezuela. More than fifteen countries including the United States accept Guaidó as president.

Citizens have found hope in moving on from Maduro. Maduro has refused all offers of foreign aid in the past. Whereas, Guaidó has established new collection points for aid. However, Maduro has ordered his loyal military to block them.

Guaidó promises Venezuelans free elections in the near future. These elections will assure that citizens will finally get to choose their own leader. This could be a great start in healing the country from Maduro’s rule.

What can the United States do?

Support from outside countries is important for Guaidó and the offense. Millions of dollars worth of food and medicine have been sent by the United States but that is only the first step. So what’s next? It is up to Guaidó to move the aid from the Colombian-Venezuelan border. We must send help to Venezuela until Maduro is gone. President Trump has suggested that military action could be an option. However, adding unnecessary force may make chaos in Venezuela even worse. The United States should limit involvement in the country for now, unless the situation gets worse.