Woodbridge Township’s Hockey Team Suffers Tough Loss on Senior Night


Photo Credit: Photo Via Emily Spillar

The hockey team lines up before their game starts, to listen to the National Anthem.

By: Emily Spillar, Co-Editor-In-Chief

On February 4, 2019 the seniors of the Woodbridge Township hockey team were recognized on their senior night. The team played Old Bridge and suffered a tough loss.

For a few years now, all three of the high schools in Woodbridge Township (Colonia, JFK, and Woodbridge) have combined to make one big hockey team. Last year, the team had a remarkable season. They ended their season playing in the States game in the Prudential Center. Even though they suffered a tough loss, the team came a long way.

Senior Night

This year, the hockey team recognized their seniors on the senior night. Senior night is where the team and spectators celebrate their seniors, on typically, their last home game. The seniors walk out with their parents, and is a nice little ceremony to celebrate their time on the team. Being one of their last games, it’s very nice to be recognized.

Coming Back from Last Season

Last season, the Woodbridge Township Hockey Team had an amazing season. It brought them all the way to the state championships, playing at the Prudential Center. This was an amazing opportunity for the boys, being that that’s where the NJ Devil’s play their home games. Unfortunately, they lost and ended their season there, but there was amazing teamwork and effort from our team.

Of course, coming back from a season like that is hard. When asked what his expectations are for this season, Coach Monticollo explained that this is a recovery/re-positioning year. Being that, the team has to come together and realize what works for them and what doesn’t. Considering last year, a majority of the team was seniors, and they’re all gone now.

Even though they fell short this year, the team still worked very hard together. Trying their best, they went and played at every game, even though their record might not be the best. With a loss of the majority of their players, the team had to realize how to regroup and adapt. They did very well, and even though they didn’t keep the same record as last year they worked as a team.

The Game

On Monday, February 4th the Woodbridge Township hockey team played against Old Bridge at home for their senior night. This game was very important to the WTSD team, being that it’s their senior night.

Going into the game, although knowing their season hadn’t been the best, the team kept their heads up high. This is the best attitude to have because it can keep up team morale and energy hype up. As they skate on the ice to warm up, they always prepare to play a good game. Their warm-up playlist gets the team hype up and prepare for the game they’re about to play.

Throughout the first period, it was close. Old Bridge scored the first few goals, but Woodbridge was right behind them. Dante Amato scored the first, and only, point in the first period. However, throughout the next two periods Old Bridge players overthrew Woodbridge and won 8-1.

Even though the team may not have won, they had a great season of growing and developing this year.