Oblivion: this novel will twist tour mind

Experiencing graphomania is hard and this book shows that all while trying to solve a mystery.

Photo Credit: Sasha Dawn

Experiencing graphomania is hard and this book shows that all while trying to solve a mystery.

By: Olivia Voreas, Reporter

Sasha Dawn’s novel Oblivion is a psychological thriller full of intrigue and mystery. You enter the world of a 16-year-old girl who suffers from graphomania and a mystery that is now her responsibility to solve.


Calliope or Callie Knowles suffers from graphomania which is a compulsion to write. Her mind is infected with words that torment her and nag at her until she can get them out. This disorder started one night where she woke up in her old, abandoned apartment. She scrawled the words “I KILLED HIM” all over the walls and her own skin. She didn’t know if she witnessed a crime or committed one. This is the same night her father, a local minister, disappeared with a young girl from the parish. Ever since that night, she hasn’t had any memory of it. Images were a blur, and she refuses to take her medication so her graphomania progressively gets worse. She wants to find her father, and solve the mystery herself. Along the way, her graphomania and the words she writes helps her discover clues.

Book Review

When I first read the synopsis on this book, and other book reviews I was extremely interested. It involved thrill, mystery, crime, and drama. There’s a little bit of everything incorporated into this novel. When you begin to read, it starts off slow so you have to be patient until you get closer to the middle when the plot thickens. I’ve never heard of graphomania before discovering this book, and it’s interesting the way Sasha Dawn uses this disorder as a way to solve a mystery. The way Dawn writes when Callie has her graphomanic attacks is as if the reader was experiencing it as well. It’s all very sudden and happens fast.

The outcome of her writings are usually very confusing but as you continue to read they make more sense within the plot. This novel is targeted more so towards young adults, 16 to 18 years old. If you’re looking for a book that will keep you thinking, at the edge of your seat, then this is the read for you. Personally, I think Dawn could’ve added a different point of view for each character. Constantly being in Callie’s mind with her graphomania makes it hard to understand the plot completely, so it takes some puzzle piecing together.


In conclusion, this novel is one worth reading. If you’re interested in mysteries, crime, and mind-twisting stories that make you think then this is a great choice for you. After reading this book, it opened my mind and had me view things in life differently. That’s one of the attributes I enjoyed about reading Oblivion. You can purchase this novel here on Amazon Oblivion , or find it at your local Barnes & Noble.