Broken Flowers and Other Stairways to Heaven is an emotional definite read


Photo Credit: Hillary Wolanski

The book cover for ‘Broken Flowers and Other Strairways to Heaven’ by Robert M. Drake.

By: Hillary Wolanski, Fall reporter

Broken Flowers And Other Stairways To Heaven is a book full of poems by Robert M. Drake. These poems include hard times about Drake’s chaotic past love and family life.

Drake is also known for writing many other poem books such as Beautiful Chaos and Black Butterfly. The poetry in all of these book follow a diverse rhythm of emotion and spirit. The book also includes full-page images with small quotes of inspiration or some food for thought.


One of Drake’s many emotional poems of his books, created uniquely while using metaphors in a perfect way.

In the book, Drake gets super serious when it comes to the mood. He talks about topics that were very struggling for him in life. The poems are mostly about his struggles but he made it more simplistic by making it into unique and creative poetry. He talks about birth, love, death, and tragedy.

One of Drake’s main focus in the book is on his brother. His brother passed away a year or so before the book was released. The poem book goes into detail of all of the heart-felt loss Drake has been through and his emotions during such a tragic time.


In my opinion, I absolutely loved this book. I feel as if it shows off Drake’s true emotions especially through hard times.  I adore how the poems are very detailed and also show interesting images. Some of the images include people, nature, and very aesthetically pleasing lights. The cover of the book itself is even an interesting image which is what got me to want to read it. This book may be a little mature, but I feel that it’s perfect for a young adult/teen audience to read. A teenager, like myself, can often relate to poem books like this one itself.

For example, in one poem of this book titled ‘Keep Going’, he talks about how to maintain and take care of battles between the heart and mind. He reminds the audience that there is a tomorrow and to keep going and stay strong. I think that this poem book may be directed more towards a dark and emotional type of audience, but I still enjoyed it. It gives you a lesson that although times may be rough or something terrible has happened something beautiful such art or poetry may come out of it. Terrible things can be made to an excellent idea.