Colonia High School Starts to Focus on New Technology

A very big issue at Colonia High School is the lack of technology in the school. The next Junior class, the class of 2016, will be taking the PARCC test, a computerized test as a replacement of the written HSPA. With the decision to use this new test, one question remains: Where are the computers for this PARCC test?

Although Colonia High School has shown signs of stepping in the right direction towards new technology it feels as though there are still not enough resources to provide to the student body, and the resources and computers at the school are very old and outdated.

To keep up with the technology of the world our school needs to continue to upgrade the equipment of the school.

Colonia High School has stepped towards that goal. The high school has purchased new Chrome Books for all of the teachers of the school, who are also deprived of a speedy computer for their classrooms. Along with the teachers, some new computers for research are needed, preferably some that don’t take 10 minutes to log in like those black netbooks.

I know that there is obviously a budget and we can’t spend every penny on new computers; however we should definitely put a larger portion of that budget toward updated resources to enhance the education in the facility.

We need to continue to update our school and keep up with the rapidly advancing world to be better connected with our community and studies.