Looking Back


Photo Credit: photo via flickr under creative commons license

At the culmination of high school, it is best to reflect on the process and the journey that got you to graduation day.

By: Frankie Brock, Editor in Chief

As this year comes to a close students are eager for summer to start. Many are looking froward to getting out of the class and into the sun. But the seniors at Colonia High School are experiencing conflicting emotions. We are happy that summer is coming and excited to start a new chapter of our lives, and yet at the same time we are sad and reminiscent. Memories of the last four years take us back and remind us of all the good we have done and friends we have made along the way.

For me graduating is bittersweet, I am looking forward to expanding my horizons and going out into the world. But I am not ready to say goodbye. I have prided myself in my involvement at Colonia High School, and though I enjoyed everything I did, I loved my involvement in the school paper The Declaration.

Over the past three years my fondest memories have been made in Mrs. Allen’s journalism one, two, and three classes. As an organization our paper has accomplished a lot in these three short years. We proudly became a distinguished site every year. Earning each of our badges, every student taking a part and contributing to our success. This year alone we had six best of SNO student articles.

Starting this school year the journalism class expanded to J-3, a course focused on broadcast journalism. To say I am honored to be one of the first members of this class is an understatement. We learned more than I ever could have imagined about video and editing software. I reached out of my comfort zone and created podcasts. Used high tech equipment that probably should have been trusted with a klutz like me! I hope the student in next years J-3 class love it just as much as the four of us did this year.

Not only did The Declaration accomplish a lot this year, but Colonia High School did as well. Thanks to The Declaration, I attended exciting school events taking pictures on behalf of the paper. These event are one we will remember forever. In 2019 we had two state championship teams. Both the Boys’ Basketball team and Girls’ Competition Cheer Squad held their trophies high. Junior John Poznanski became 2nd in the state and 5th nation wide as a Colonia Wrestler. There were multiple division titles winner in sports as well.

Outside of sports, Colonia hosted many new spirit related and school wide events. There were spirit days, movie nights, a fashion show, a carnival, and bake off. Student Council and various clubs hosted service actives such as food drives, equality walks, donations to the leukemia lymphoma society, and a blood drive that contributed to the lives of many. School spirit and involvement is important and lucky at The Declaration we get to hype up and advertise many events that student come to love.

Through the years the students of The Declaration have amassed traditions that we look forward to and expand upon each year. A behind the scenes look at the journalism classrooms shows how the students are not only friends they are family. We celebrate holidays together in school laughing and smiling the whole time. From the Holiday Card competition, to the Halloween movie reviews, and of course the turkey hokey pokey, the holiday season is filled with dancing, singing, and snacks. We decorate the room, and draw on the board, and listen to music of every genre, the journalism classes are warm and inviting and everyday there’s a new surprise.

This year and in years past, we have had the pleasure of meeting many accomplished guest speakers. These inspirational men and women taught us about the field of journalism and what it would be like to pursue careers in either journalism or communications. Al Dukes allowed us to explore the world of radio broadcast. Wendy Gillette helped us understand the ups and downs of becoming a news reporter. The students always looked forward to the days with guest speakers.

Many of my fondest memories happened in journalism or because of journalism. As I move forward, I will always look at The Declaration’s online newspaper to see what the future reporters are doing. I also know that I have forever left my mark on Colonia High through its archived newspaper.