Christmas Inheritance is a cliche Christmas movie


Photo Credit: Netflix

The two main characters of Christmas Inheritance; Ellen Langford and Jake Collins.

By: Shikha Patel, Reporter

On December 15th,2017, Director Ernie Barbarash released the “Christmas Inheritance” movie which gained many mixed reviews. Within the same year, Netflix distributed the movie leading to more people knowing about it. 


Ellen Langford, an aspiring heiress, is handed a special Christmas card by her father. She must deliver the letter to the town of Snow Falls. Traveling with only $100, and in disguise, Ellen runs into a conflict. Langford becomes friends with Jake, who runs the inn and Aunt Debbie, who runs the local diner. After a couple of days in the inn Langford does not have enough money to pay for the room she is staying in and must work as a housekeeper. 

Days before leaving, a huge snowstorm hits causing Langford to extend her stay. Within these days Ellen learns more about the people within the town and becomes closer with the people. To prove to her father that she is responsible, Ellen goes out and brings homeless Baxter to the Inn and even shares her room with a mother and two children. She also rounds up donated gifts for the charity silent auction. However, Ellen still has a life, company, and boyfriend back in New York. When her boyfriend comes and visits the small town, it begins to become harder for Ellen to keep her secret. 

Meet The Actors

One of the most important actors within the movie is Eliza Taylor who plays Ellen Langford. Eliza is an Australian actor who acts in many types of shows. However, her most well-known acting parts are from, Janae Timmins on the soap opera “Neighbors” and Clarke Griffin on The CW show “The 100.” Co-starring with Taylor is Jake Lacy who plays Jake Collins in the movie. Just like his co-star Eliza Taylor, Lacy starred in multiple shows. His most well-known ones are “Carol”, “Miss Sloane”, and “Rampage”. Other actors of the movie are Andie MacDowell who played Debbie Collins also known as Aunt Debbie and Michael Xavier who played Gray Pittman, Ellen Langford’s boyfriend. 


Even though the movie received much praise from the audience, there were multiple concerns and critiques towards the movie. One concerned parent stated, “This is a cute Christmas movie, however, the very beginning opens, quite inappropriately for a family Christmas movie, with the main character drunkenly doing cartwheels in a dress.” Many other people agreed with this parent by saying they would never let their kids watch it alone. However, others believed the movie is full of joy and excitement. Many people believed the movie  was boring and predictable, or poorly written. Not only did people not like the acting and story line but the way the characters dressed and looked. A random person who had written a review on the website Rotten Tomatoes saying the male leads hair needs a wash. 


The director of the movie is Ernie Barbarash and written by Dinah Eng. The movie is rated NR which means it is not submitted for a rating and put under the genre of drama. The movie runs for 140 minutes and is on Netflix.