The Holiday Calendar brings you a very merry Christmas

The holiday calendar brings you a joyous Christmas

Photo Credit: photo via IMDb under the creative commons license

The holiday calendar brings you a joyous Christmas

With the holidays coming up. A lot of us are looking for a good holiday movie to snuggle in with some hot chocolate and watch it. Well I think that the movie The Holiday Calendar is the way to go.

The caste of this movie is Kat Graham , Quincy Brown, and Ethan Peck, and it’s directed by Bradley Walsh.

The Movie

The Holiday Calendar is a Netflix original movie . It starts off with the reunion of two best friends Abby and Josh. Abby and Josh have been best friends since high school. They’re both into photography. Only difference is that Abby her parents don’t think that she should use photography as a career. Abby ignores her parents and goes on with her life. Even though she is not as happy as she likes to be. In the beginning of the movie Abby’s Grandpa Givetells her that it was her grandma’s and she wanted it to be passed on to her. Abby doesn’t understand why in the beginning, but she then realizes that this calendar has 30 windows and every day a window opens that predicts her future. In the beginning miss reads the signs, but at the end of the movie she ends up with her best friends of years Josh.

My opinion

The movie bring a great deal of emotions. When watching the movie for the first time I thought that she wasn’t going to end up with Josh. I truly thought that they will only be best friends . It was a little bit of a shock for her to end up with Josh at the end , but it all makes sense at the end . I think this movie suites all ages whether you’re a teenager and looking for something to watch with your friends. Or you’re looking for something to watch with the family it fits all ages really.

My favorite character in the movie would have to be Abby. I like Abby because she is such an independent character. Her parents and everyone don’t think that photography is good for her. She could have given up on her . She could have said something like if no one believes in me then why should I even bother. But she didn’t she worked hard. She worked at a place that she hated as long as she got to do something she likes. And even though she had those bad days when she really didn’t want to be there, but she did it , and eventually it all paid off .