Newest Lion King Movie: Makes People Happy


Photo Credit: Photo via Wikimedia Commons under the creative commons license

Originally released in 1994, The Lion KIng was modified and re-released in 2019 but this time with real animals instead of cartoons.


The Lion King is about a little cub named Simba and how he grows up into a young king. Also, the life lessons his father Mufasa taught him are really inspiring. He has a best friend named Nala; his lover. This movie is mainly for younger teenagers and kids. There’s a lot of love, survival, and action in this movie. But the most important lesson of all is being who you are and not changing yourself for others. To realize that you have people around you who care and support you. That’s what this movie is about.


One of my favorite actresses in The Lion King remake is Beyonce, who plays Nala. She has a very beautiful voice when she sings ¨Can You Feel the Love Tonight¨. Her voice is literally the sound of an angel. The next thing is they used real animals for the film and that’s amazing how the animals are trained. The settings are so pretty and look realistic. The music sounds are very amazing and make me happy. It’s very detailed and it took a long time to create the settings of the movie. The director and creators needed somewhat of an exact picture. They had to rewatch the film a few times to get things in order. It required a whole of time and effort according to the director.

The thing I think needs to change only honestly gets the original actor for Simba. It would sound so much better than the guy who recently played him. Another thing they should add more animation. Or more sound effects to make it realistic. Then to also add different settings or props, to be honest, they should add different places. The lighting in the movie hits differently in different parts of the scenes. Also, the angles are kind of blurry on some parts. But some of the angles are really nice, to be honest. Now the costumes there aren’t really costumes because they used real animals.

Some of my favorite scenes in the movie are when honestly Simba is first introduced because it’s one of the very cutest scenes. Secondly when Simba and Nala are playing and singing together with all of the animals. Oh, then when he and Nala start singing “Can you Feel The Love Tonight” it’s adorable.

Then some scenes that make me cry or I dislike is when Scar kills Mufasa then blames Simba for it. To be honest it’s messed up because that’s his nephew and kind of sad he makes his own nephew believe he killed his own father. Also when he tried to kill Simba just like he did to Mufasa. Thank god Simba killed Scar in the end and got his pride back.

All and all The Lion King makes people happy or sad when they watch it. It was the best movie ever and I will be glad to watch it again.


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