My advice for underclassmen


Photo Credit: Photo via Robyn Epstein

The class of 2020 getting ready for their last band competition.

By: Robyn Epstein, Co-Editor in Chief

With the end of my senior year approaching, I take a look back at my last four years at Colonia High School. I have learned so much so I have decided to share some important lessons I have learned.

1. Get to know your teachers and classmates

The first thing I recommend is to get to know your teachers and classmates. In high school, you will met a lot of new people from all different walks of life. My freshman year I had many classes with students I never met so at first it was scary. I was especially scared having classes with upperclassmen because I was intimated by them. The truth is it is not that scary and there are plenty of classmates that will end up becoming your friends.

There are also multiple teachers that are willing to help not only on an academic level, but on a personal level. Teachers such as Mrs. Allen, Mr. Grose, and Mrs. Spiewak have given me some of the best advice. These are only a few teachers that are willing to take the time out of their day to help you but there are many more. My advice is don’t fill like you have to ride solo in high school, so many people are there willing to take and help. Take advantage of that opportunity and get to know your teacher and classmates.

2.Get involved with clubs and sports

Colonia High School has many clubs and sports that anybody can participate in. If you are like me and fell uncomfortable joining a sport that doesn’t mean that you cannot get involved in some other activity. My freshman year I thought about trying out for soccer but realized soccer wasn’t for me. The next year I decided to get involved in marching band and joined colorguard. From there I have been addicted every since.

Regardless of your background or athleticism, Colonia High School has so many after school opportunity that you should get involved in. Whether it’s sports like football and soccer or clubs like multicultural and poetry, get involved. This way you can do something you enjoy and meet people who have the same interests as you.

3. Do well in school

I have heard people say that the only important year in your junior year of high school. Although that is true, every year of high school is important so make each count.

The minute you start your freshman year you should automatically go in with the mindset that you will do your absolute best to get good grades. When applying to college, they look at all four years of high school so make sure that you try each year. However, junior year is a critically year because that is when you will take the SAT’s and start looking at colleges. In the meantime, focus on doing well in all of your classes and always try your best.

4. Don’t stress yourself out

It can be very hard to balance schoolwork, activities, and free time. At the same time, don’t forget that you are human and it is okay to ask for help when you are stressed. It is important that you learn how the balance this and still have a good work ethic. This is not the same for everyone so don’t feel bad if your friends do things differently.

Also, don’t forget that nobody is perfect and some days will be harder than others. I have had my fair share of hardship in high school and have failed tests. This is normal, however, don’t let that define you. Learn from it and continue to strive for better.

5. Enjoy it

The last thing I recommend you to do is enjoy every minute of high school because it goes by fast. It feels like yesterday I entered Colonia High School and now I am only a few days away from graduating. There are so many things that I wished I had done differently. However, there are a lot more thing that I look back on a smile. The friendships I have made and the things I have learned will truly be unforgettable.

High school goes by fast so make sure you soak it all up and enjoy every aspect of it.



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