Is Fall Guys ultimate knockout an ultimate game?


Photo Credit: photo by- Matthew Mendives

Fall Guys has quickly become a very popular game among students. Since its release on August 4, 2020, it has become the most downloaded monthly Play Station Plus game.

By: Matthew Mendives, Co-Editor-in-Chief

On August 4, 2020 Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout was released on Windows and Playstation (PS) 4. It has 7 million steam sales and has set a record for most downloads for a PS plus game.


The game play of Fall Guys is pretty simplistic. You sign into a game with 60 people. With those 60 players you play an assortment of mini games with them. After each round of mini games a certain amount of people get eliminated. You usually play five rounds, but if there is a survival round in a previous round and all but one gets eliminated you win. The different types of mini games are racing, survival, team and final round. The final round games are the mini games that decide who gets the crown for winning the game.

In the racing mini games, you race to the finish line with a bunch of obstacles in your way. For the survival match ups, you and other players try to dodge obstacles and not fall off the board. Some mini games have a time limit while others have a certain amount of players who will get eliminated. In the team games, you and a random assortment of players need to complete the game to advance with your team. Some of these games require everyone to work together as a collective unit while others let you do your own thing, but your totals are counted with your team.

Strengths and weaknesses

The best part of this game is the game play. The game play is very fun and easy to understand. The controls, although not perfect, are very simple and easy to pick up. Most of the mini games are fun. Not only that, they provide a good challenge. Most of the mini games require you to use your critical thinking skills, whether it be finding the best path to the finish line or finding out how to best work as a team. For me at least, I enjoy the games that challenge me.

The biggest weakness of the game are the mini games that are mostly or all luck based. One of these games is door dash. In door dash, you have to guess which door is real. There’s no strategy to it, just pure guessing. Although the controls are good 95 percent of the time, there’s one mini game where it fails. That mini game is tail tag. In tail tag, you have to try to get a tail or hold onto your tail. It seems simple in theory, but the controls to steal a tail are wonky.


Yes, there are a few mini games I’d consider duds, but overall I enjoy most of the game. I’m willing to play through a few bad games when most of the games are good. Fall Guys is currently 20 dollars on steam. Although it started out as a free game for play station plus it is now 20 dollars. I think you should buy it if you’re looking for a good game.