Lights! Camera! Drive Thru!

This sweet section of the show features dozens of trees wrapped in red, white, blue, green, and purple lights. Birds, elves, and Santas can all be seen throughout.

By: Katherine Albuquerque, Editor

Christmas outdoor light shows have been in existence in this country since 1927. In fact, this is where they began enchanting the sight of so many people. Light shows began here and have gained popularity around the world. 

One of the light shows that is very popular throughout the tristate is the one created by Shady Brook Farms in Yardley, Pennsylvania. According to their website, three million lights create Christmas magic over acres of land for both the old and young to enjoy.  

 The Light Show

The show is divided into different sections devoted to specific holiday themes. It starts with the 12 days of Christmas beautifully bringing the song to life. Following the turtle doves and French hens, we come across Santa’s workshop which shows all the elves hard at work.

Next, visitors take a dive into the sea to be mesmerized by the glowing fish, mermaids, and a detailed pirate ship. After a trip around some of the seven wonders of the world where we can admire The Leaning Tower of Pisa and The Taj Mahal, we become in awe as a gigantic image of the Grinch is illuminated in green and red.

Suddenly, we embark on a breathtaking drive through candy cane lane where trees are adorned with red and white lights. Then, a nativity scene is displayed with lighted words such as Believe and Rejoice.

Towards the end of the drive, visitors see numerous characters, like Dora and SpongeBob, waving goodbye. Before reaching the end, by going under a light castle, an enormous Statue of Liberty, with blue and red lights, is seen emerging from the middle of a pond with the words God Bless America lighted to its right side and reflected on the water.

 My Thoughts

I think the Shady Brook Farm’s Light Show was very pretty. We got there around 9 pm and it lasted for about an hour. I’m glad we went so late because the darker it is outside the more the lights stand out. The light displays were huge and plentiful- many of them towered over the cars. My favorite part was probably the candy cane lane, it felt like I was in another world.

Something that was annoying though was the lights from the breaks of cars in front of us. They usually reflected off of our windows, causing a glare that made it hard to see sometimes.

 Reviews on Drive Thru 

The majority of online reviews are positive, many agreeing that it’s a sight worth seeing. On Tripadvisor specifically, there are a total of 175 reviews under excellent and very good. Only 12 reviews fall under poor and terrible, complaining that it’s overpriced at $25 during the week and $35 on the weekends (which I personally think is reasonable for a light show of this magnitude).


This light show is definitely worth seeing and is good for all ages. The displays are incredible and it’s a very relaxed environment. The 3 million lights almost put you in a trance, like you’re on another planet. Keep in mind that tickets purchased online are cheaper than they are in person-I paid $35 for Saturday night between 9-10 pm. From Colonia, it’s an hour drive and out of state, which can be a long trip for certain people.

If you are looking for some light shows in New Jersey, here are some suggestions based on some pictures and reviews:

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