“Einstein’s Dreams” captivates sci-fi readers


Photo Credit: Photo taken by Emma Nadella

A small yet bold piece of literature, that has opened the minds of many who read it.

By: Emma Nadella, Reporter

As a science fiction novel made by Alan Lightman, Einstein’s Dreams is an eye-opening look into the thoughts and struggles of famous physician Albert Einstein while making his theory of relativity. Over many years after its publication, Einstein’s Dreams has been translated into thirty languages, inspired playwrights, dancers, musicians, and painters alike worldwide. It holds a sales rank of 33,792. Now take a glance and see what this book offers to readers and change to perspective on life itself.

The Author

Former humanitarian MIT professor, Alan Lightman is a physicist, novelist, and educator. He was born in Memphis, Tennessee, in 1948. At a young age surrounded himself with the vast world of science. Over time, as he grew to do his own research and projects, he won state-wide awards and received the Teachers of English literary award. After graduating from multiple universities, Lightman published essays about the human side of science. This later develops into novels he makes currently.

Overall Summary

The novel describes the many philosophical thoughts and theories Albert Einstein develops. In one thought, he thinks of how people will repeat the same accomplishments and have the same downfalls repeatedly. From these unfamiliar concepts, it raises a better level of understanding to how life works in a way of relativity. Though small, Einstein proves it to be as significant as his own personal work.


Einstein’s Dream has been put up for many awards, with its most notable being an international bestseller. In 1998, they also selected it for National Public Radio’s “Talk of the Nation” Book Club. There have also been smaller awards given to the book in what it accomplished as well, but this is known worldwide as an enchanting novel.

Personal Review

I found the novel to be a very interesting yet small read throughout your day. It makes you think about yourself and your decisions more, while also being more aware of what surrounds you. All of this comes to wrap around Albert Einstein, who thinks and dreams of this while also making his own theory of relativity. It’s an amazing book overall. The only complaint I have is that it was too short, there could have been something to explain more in the book. Other than that small thing, It’s a great novel to read in your spare time. I give it 5 stars and highly recommend it to those who love science fiction.

Other Reviews

An anonymous user on Barnes & Noble describes and notes the cleverness from the small but complex collage of all the different ideas presented in the book from what Albert Einstein conceived of. They also tell at the end of their review that the book is a quick, but fun and intriguing read.

Another anonymous user said that the premise of the novel was good, but had other thoughts of its execution. In the review, they tell how the ideas are good, but still hold implications to what Alan Lightman portrays. They also felt misled when the author threw some history into the story, saying the author likely added it to show off his research done to make the book. Overall, this anonymous user didn’t find it to be a good science fiction novel.