Year 2020’s politics, simply out of control


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In the year 2020, there was no day that wasn’t uneventful with new and soon to be historical events.

By: Emma Nadella, Reporter

People around the world, including its leaders and those who work for them in government, had showed last year during 2020 just how uncontrollable the future can really be from other’s actions. This statement comes even more to play with politics. Each month and passing day seemed full of these eventful moments. From environmental and humanitarian issues, this year gave no shortage to throw at everyone. Though the major event is the pandemic, events before and during that sparked outrage will be inside of history books for future generations.

Nature’s vast change

It’s can be easy to forget that the COVID-19 pandemic didn’t last all year. Before the virus hit the earth, there were already more pressing matters that grew. For years scientists all over the world were talking of saving our environment, to fight against global warming and save our wildlife. To bring up an example for this year to put it in perspective, there have been constant wildfires with the most notable happening in Australia with around 60% of it in flames and millions of animals dead, some even likely speculated to become endangered.

Conflicting perspectives

Another big worry was with foreign and inner peace with the United States. Before the pandemic hit, they thought it got themselves into another world war with Iran as tension grew thick after the assassination of an Iran leader named Qasem Soleimani, which received mixed responses. Most of these people still possess hate and disdain on what happened so suddenly. This led up to a possible third world war, which thankfully never came to dawn as a real thing.

Even within their own nation, the United States faced its own war as racial injustice took notice by its people. With deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, it made many begin to have their voice heard on the matter. Then with other attacks like that towards Jacob Blake, it set off many more to do peaceful protests and help change systematic racism. Though their struggle is still ongoing and they continue working on gaining equality of treatment, they have made a bold statement similar to the one lead centuries ago.

The future ahead of 2020

Although there’s plenty of events from 2020 to write novels of what went on, it shows how chaotic and unpredictable the next year may become. Already as typing out this article, the capitol was swarmed recently with people rioting over political views. Already from that, there is talk of another attempt of impeachment as Trump’s second term ends. So for what may occur in the year 2021, one can only assume that it will be just as eventful. Whether it’s a good thing, that will only be for time to tell.

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