SAT scores shouldn’t matter in college applications


Photo Credit: Photo Via Scroar under Creative Common License

SAT scores shouldn’t be factor in college application. One test on one random day should not determine a student’s future.

By: Caitlyn Abreu

During the fall season, high school seniors stress about college applications and if they meet the requirements. The SAT scores are sometimes a factor for most colleges, and this can affect a student’s application.

Most colleges require a certain SAT score range when students are applying for their university. But should colleges require this score for student’s applications? In my opinion, they shouldn’t because a test score shouldn’t determine if a student is qualified for certain universities. A test shouldn’t determine a student’s academic level and qualification. Instead, colleges should be looking at a student’s transcripts, GPA, and extracurricular activities they participate in. A test shouldn’t be determined and factored in any college applications.

Nervous Test-takers

Some students aren’t great test takers, and this can mess up their SAT scores. The stress, and anxiety of the SAT is highly effective and can force students to do bad on their SAT scores. When I took the SAT in March I was really nervous. I studied for the SAT and did practice examples prior to the test. I was worried that since I’m not a good test taker, my scores would be bad and certain colleges would accept me into their university. When I got my score I was devastated because it didn’t meet the requirements that universities had. The SAT score requirements limited my options for colleges and I had to look for colleges that didn’t require SAT scores.

What Colleges Should See

I wanted colleges to see I’m a hardworking student and how I challenge myself with AP and College course classes, but that doesn’t seem to matter for the schools that require high SAT scores. So does it not matter that I take these classes just cause my SAT score wasn’t great? Was it worth taking these challenging classes, when in the end the SAT was all that mattered? I believe that the SAT score requirement isn’t fair to all high schoolers. Why should one test determine everything? Colleges should only look at what students have done during their high school career.

Students lose the opportunity to apply to some colleges and it isn’t fair to them. They could be a bad test taker but a great student overall. It seems that colleges are more concerned with SAT scores than with any other requirements. The SAT scores don’t tell colleges what type of student someone is but if they are a great test taker or not. So, in theory why should SAT score matter in college applications?

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