Is being a twin a blessing or a curse?


Photo Credit: photo by Lauren Dugan used with permission

Looking back to when we were only 5-6 months old, I can barely tell which one is me. Mrs. Danielle Allen, English teacher, has identical twin boys and she has to put the pictures she takes into separate albums on her phone labeled with each child’s name so she can tell them apart.

By: Lauren Dugan, Reporter

Being a twin always has its ups and downs. There are small details about being a twin that nobody talks about. A lot of people think that it is the same as just a regular brother or sister, but it is much more than that. Don’t get me wrong, I love my twin sister, but there are things we can both agree on that bothers us about being twins. 

The battle of sharing clothes 

When people ask me what my sister and I fight about the most, sharing clothes is the top contender. People who do not have a twin probably see us as lucky because we have so many outfits to choose from, however that is not the case. My sister will not allow me to leave the house if she catches me wearing one article of her clothing. Growing up, my twin, Caitlyn has always been smaller than me, because of this, we were never the same size. As we got older, I started to fit into her clothes and that is where everything went wrong.

Another thing I always hated when I was a little girl was dressing exactly like her all the time. I always wanted to wear my own clothes because I wanted to be my own person. I have always wondered why some twins always have to be dressed the same when they are two completely different people.  


Usually, for everyone else, your birthday is the one day of the year that is all about you. It is the day you get presents, everyone sings to you and the one day for you to feel special. Being a twin, that is not the case. I don’t have a day to myself, even on my birthday. Of course, it is my special day, but it is also hers and you have to share all of that attention. One thing that my sister always does is use the fact that she is older to her advantage. We were born two minutes apart yet she still uses the excuse ¨well I was born first¨ in certain situations. 

One thing that I am grateful for is not being an identical twin. Even though I am a twin myself, identical twins freak me out. Something about having someone who looks and acts exactly like you does not sit right with me. When I look at baby pictures of my sister and me, it scares me that sometimes I question which one is actually me. Eventually, we grew out of the stage of looking alike, but identical twins grow up and still look the same.  

Forever Friend 

Although there are things that I do not benefit from as a twin, I know I have a best friend that I can never get rid of. In my opinion, a twin bond is stronger than a regular sibling bond because I feel closer to her. I always have someone my age to turn and talk to when something is on my mind. I never have to worry about her leaving me for college because we will be going at the same time.

A lot of people wish that they lived with their best friend and I can confidently say that I do.  Of course, there are things that are brutal about being a twin, but in the end, I would not trade it for the world.

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