February 14th: spending the day alone


Photo Credit: Photo by Flickr under Creative Commons License

Due to contributing factors like the pandemic, more than half of adults in America are single. Not to worry, because there are several ways to spend this Valentine’s Day alone.

As of 2019, slightly over 50% of all Americans ages 18-34 reported that they don’t have a significant other, according to the Washington Post. This Valentines Day, if you’re a part of that percentage, don’t worry, because there are several activities people spending the day alone can do. Even with Covid-19 restrictions, singles can still find a way to enjoy themselves. 

Spending the day alone

If you’re a person who prefers complete isolation, then the following may be perfect. To kick off your anti-Valentine’s Day, you can begin by making or ordering your favorite foods for breakfast. Waffles, bacon, eggs, anything to get your day going on a good note. Afterward, pick an activity that you can do to better yourself. Meditation, working out, and reading are all great examples. It’s a proven fact that mediation and exercising are healthy ways to start your day. It can boost your mood, improve focus, and even lower stress levels. 

While the day is still young, there are many more activities you can do to keep busy. Try picking up a new hobby, or continuing an old one. Pastimes such as painting, listening to music, and baking are things to try if you’re alone this Valentine’s Day. Watching movies is a fun way to pass time as well. Romantic comedies may cause a feeling of loneliness, but watching another genre is perfectly acceptable. Later on in the day, feel free to make a favorite dish for dinner. For dessert, don’t be shy. Treat yourself to some candy, ice cream, or whatever sweets your heart desires. 

Celebrating with friends

Being alone isn’t for everyone, as extroverted people thrive off social interaction. Due to the current pandemic, it’s not advised to spend time with others, but there are ways to connect at home. Thanks to platforms like Google Meet and Zoom, it’s easy to stay in touch. Plan an online “date” with friends, and while together, celebrate the day. Eat a special meal together, listen to music, or even watch a movie. It’s not the same as physically being together, but it’s a good alternative given the situation. 

For those feeling really single, share gifts with friends too. It doesn’t have to be big. Small gifts such as baked goods, a handmade card, or even a music playlist can mean a lot. These gifts can even be Covid-friendly and be done touch-free. It’s a rewarding feeling to give to others, especially to those alone on a day centered around love.