Girls’ basketball season ends early due to COVID-19

Girls Varsity Basketball

Photo Credit: Rachel Toporik

Girls Varsity Basketball

By: Ariela Reyes-Sosa , Reporter

On March 1, 2021, Colonia girls varsity basketball had one of their biggest games of the season when competing in the GMC tournament this year against Middlesex. Unfortunately, due to a COVID-19 exposure that came out positive, both teams were out of the tournament for the rest of the season.

Colonia vs Middlesex game recap

Both of the Central New Jersey teams were doing extraordinary well this year. The Middlesex Blue Jays were ranked No. 1 leading off with a record of 11-2, While the Colonia Patriots were the No. 2 seed and had a record of 10-3. Both of the teams played through and through, relentlessly battling for the victory. In the end, the Blue Jays defeated the Patriots, with a final score of 57 to 51.

Turn Of Events

Mixed emotions have been traveling back and fourth between not only coaches and fans, but players as well. ¨I feel like a lot of teams don´t have the bond that ours has, we are so close with each other that I would consider everyone of those girls my sisters,¨ explained Alissa Fasulo, a senior on the Colonia team. Many people do not like the outcome of how things ended.

On both sides, players were devastated since it was some of their last chances to play high school ball. ¨It is definitely something that is hard, but we are all going to get through it,¨ explained Sabrina Wilson, the second senior of the 2021 Colonia girls’ varsity team. There was defeated glances on both teams, but both sides were determined to come back stronger.

The announcement of the news had everyone crying. However, Some- if not all took it as an opportunity to work on things for the upcoming season.  “We are not just a team, we are a family. We rise together and we fall together,” was an inspirational sentence created by Wilson to explain that they are a whole and will be trying next season.