Downside to the devious lick challenge


Photo Credit: Photo used with permission from Alexa Leviten

Ripped a part, the toilet dispenser in the girl’s bathroom is destroyed.

By: Christia Assa, Managing Editor

Tiktok has created numerous different trends. A majority of the videos being created on the app are most likely part of a trend. 

Devious Lick Challenge

Currently, there is a trend going on called the Devious Lick Challenge. Not only is it breaking the internet, but school property too. 

This new challenge has recently been challenging students to steal the craziest items they can. The challenge started with items in the bathroom like toilet roll dispensers, soap dispensers, and even toilets. Some students even went to the extent of stealing projectors, tables, and etc.

The challenge has arrived here at Colonia High School. Since the beginning of the school year, a couple of students have participated and attempted to participate in the challenge. In the past two months, numerous soap and toilet paper dispensers had to be replaced. Additionally, there has been graffiti written on the stalls. 

As of September 15, Tiktok has banned the devious licks challenge. You are not able to search up the challenge on TikTok anymore. Any videos will be taken down if it hints at the challenge. 

The downside to the Challenge

The challenge seems like all fun and games until there is someone that has to pay the price for the fun. After the soap dispenser is stolen after the toilet paper dispenser is destroyed, who cleans up that mess? The janitors. Students don’t realize that these “funny” challenges have consequences for them.

This devious kick challenge is making the lives of the janitors much harder than it already has been. With Covid-19 and new protocols in place, the janitors are already dealing with a lot. Yes, it is their job to keep the school clean, but why make it even harder than it already has been for them?  

Colonia High School

Principal Pace’s  thoughts on resolving this problem were “Just like anything else in this school it has to be a community effort— talking about see something, say something in so many different areas that is happening as well as vandalism and poor decisions this year and there are students that don’t want that for our school and they are making us aware and those students are helping to be part of the solution and not part of the problem.”

With lines for the bathroom already being long, destruction of a stall or the bathroom would cause it to close for maintenance. This would ultimately lead to even longer lines which leads to less instructional time.

Angelic Yield

Some users on Tiktok who opposed the challenge decided to “fight” against it by creating a new challenge, Angel Yield. The Angel Yield Challenge fights against the Devious Licks challenge by promoting people to donate and replace items like toilet paper, soap, and even home decor.