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The Declaration

The student news site of Colonia High School

The Declaration


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With coffee, does the good out drip the bad?

Photo Credit: Christopher Gonzalez
Although the temperature is going up, people still manage to drink coffee. According to the Urbanbeancoffee’s survey results for 2021, 64% of Americans drink coffee daily and 79% make their coffee at home instead of purchasing.

Now when you think of coffee, it must bring you back to this morning to that ritualistic process of drinking coffee that you love, to start off the day. With the average American consuming 3.1 cups of coffee per day, one must wonder if it is doing a body good.

It must be something about drinking a hot cup of rocket fuel every morning before being able to function. According to the Urban Bean Coffee survey, “More than 150 million Americans drink about 400 million cups of coffee per day or more than 140 billion cups per year.” When you think about how many people actually drink coffee, you come to think if there should be anything to worry about with health-related aspects.

The Benefits of Drinking Coffee

Most people aren’t sure about the benefits that coffee provides for the individual. According to an article from John Hopkins Medical, there are many different traits that can aid the body for better performance.

Beyond Coffee has caffeine which gives you an energy boost to get you wide awake. Coffee contains antioxidants among other active substances that can reduce internal inflammation. It also protects against disease say nutrition experts from John Hopkins University.

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There have been studies made on the consumption of coffee allowing women to live longer. Studies found that consumers of coffee ended up less likely to die from a leading cause of death, such as kidney disease, diabetes, stroke, or heart disease. Drinking one or two cups of coffee a day can help fight off heart failure when a heart has difficulty pumping enough blood to the entire body.

One in 23 women develops colon cancer. But due to research, it was found that coffee drinkers were 26 percent less likely to develop colorectal cancer.

On top of it, all coffee is a great helping agent in losing weight. Coffee contains magnesium and potassium, which help the body use insulin, leading to the regulation of blood sugar which reduces your want for sugary treats or snacks.

Risks Behind Drinking Coffee

Although coffee has many good qualities it also has its bad as well related on health. According to Eat This, Not That, Harvard Medical School caffeine can raise blood pressure. The medical research done on this wasn’t entirely clear but it showed that some studies do support a link between coffee and high blood pressure and others did not.

Reoccurring headaches can occur after drinking coffee. It can be possible that the cause of headaches linked with coffee drinking can be because the amount of coffee is too large. The odds of having a migraine increased for those who drink at least three caffeinated drinks a day. People who consume one to two servings daily do not have as much of an increase in migraines.

Sleep can be hard to come by when a heavy caffeine consumer. If you tend to struggle with sleeping at night, your coffee consumption could be to blame. A study published in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine found that consuming caffeine up to six hours before going to sleep can reduce the amount of time you spend sleeping that night by as much as one hour.

As for women, there can be fertility issues linked with coffee. Research shows that drinking excessive amounts of coffee is believed to prevent conception and even worse, increase the likelihood of miscarriages.

Addictions to coffee are very real. Drinking large amounts of it can cause the body to create a dependency on it. Coffee withdrawals can be rough just like any other, ranging from side effects of migraines, stomach problems, and insomnia.

What About Tea?

Tea is a big competitor against coffee. But tea has some aspects that can make it better than a put cup of coffee everyday. Tea is is able to hydrate the body as well if not better than coffee, being that it is made out of pure H2O. Tea can help loose weight better than coffee can. Also while everyone thinks that tea usually has less caffeine than coffee but that is incorrect.

Tea and coffee both stimulates and provide energy, coffee has a larger depressing effect (not in the aspect of emotion but energy wise), than tea. Making the energy from coffee giving off a bigger rush and lasting a short duration with a quick drop. Tea will provide that energy slowly and for longer ideally to get anyone through the workday.




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With coffee, does the good out drip the bad?