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The student news site of Colonia High School

The Declaration

The student news site of Colonia High School

The Declaration


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Should people go to college?

Photo Credit: Photo via Piqsels under Creative Commons license
As college students study for finals, most of them faced more stress than others. This is a lot to balance with having jobs as well.

College became a necessity to our society as it prepares you for adulthood. However, as it is true, a lot of people have expressed very indifferent opinions about this fact.

The biggest impact on our lives

When we think about the future, we reflect on how our decisions of the past impacted their lives. However, the biggest impact on our lives is our decision to go to college. The college has become more important than ever as it helps people financially and mentally.   According to Southern New Hampshire University, going to college can help you get employed for jobs and live better as a citizen. There are many questions in life that everyone always thinks about. But, the biggest question is, “Should people go to college?”

The conflicting opinions of the students

Every teenager or young adult has been polarized by this decision. Most people stated that it’s necessary to go to college. Then, there are others who argued that they can live without college. Both opinions are honestly valid as they do make good points about it.

Being under pressure

The pressure can be the cause of these opinions. Parents have been encouraging their children to go to college so that they can live a better life. According to Collegeonomics, parents believe that college is essential for their children. They say that all the grades, sacrifices, and hard work pays off more than money. The reason why parents are pressuring their kids is that they’re afraid of what their future will be. So, they try to use the problems of life as their backing statement. However, they try to not discourage their children.

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The positive effects of college

Once you enter college, you have started the story of your life. In this experience, you’re finding out who you truly are. Those who have dreams or future goals will find success in their journey. Plus, you get to expand your relationships and friendships along the way. Like a flower, it takes time to grow throughout your experience.

The negative effects of college

When you go to college, be prepared for massive obstacles. First, the biggest concern college students face is financial issues. If you don’t plan ahead or have a spending addiction, then you’ll be in deep water. Second, some people have doubts about finishing a 4-year period just to get a degree. Third, if parents’ pressure isn’t enough to make you stress, exams would add more salt to the wound. Lastly, some problems that are typical in high school might apply to college.


In conclusion, college prepares you for what life has in store. Instead of asking yourself if you want to go to college, ask yourself if you’re ready for college. This decision could leave the biggest impact in your life. It’s up to you to figure out your future.

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JP Galope
JP Galope, Reporter
JP Galope is a 16-year-old junior at Colonia High School in his first year of journalism. In his previous years, he graduated from Kennedy Park School #24 and Colonia Middle School. Galope is a avid moviegoer by day and an aspiring filmmaker by night. He is currently writing three screenplays and as of recent, he's working on his passionate project yet. He is involved in Fandom Club, Film Club, and Interact Club. His writing is heavily inspired by his friends, family, and surroundings, which sparks his creativity. When he's not working all the time, he likes to play video games and watch movies. His favorite class is Theater Arts because it's interactive, fun, and leaves him with a smile everyday. Though his plans are already set and he succeeds very well in his classes, his future still remains unwritten for him. Galope is an author of Colonia High School's Declaration Newspaper.

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Should people go to college?