Spilling the tea on Bigelow’s flavors


Photo Credit: Photo via rawpixel.com

Free warm cup of herbal tea photo, public domain beverage CC0 image.

By: Angelle Sherman

Bigelow Earl Grey tea has a very earthy tea flavor that is not complex. The bergamot flavor is very strong. Though overall the taste is pretty typical. With a little milk and creamer, you can up the sweetness. But the best thing about this specific tea is the amount of energy it gives you. The aroma of this tea is very nice and it is also very reasonably priced.

Salted caramel black tea

In fall specifically, this tea from Bigelow is very popular. This tea has very strong flavors of caramel. The problem is the caramel overshadows the salt a lot which does not keep a good balance. But to fix that issue you could always add a hint of salt. This tea is also good if you want something that has a smooth and silky texture.

Green tea caffeinated

Bigelow’s green tea is honestly mediocre in all aspects. This tea flavor does not have a very strong aroma. This tea has a little scent and barely any flavor. Usually, Bigelow Tea has a kick that adds flavor but their green tea does not. Bigelow has much better offerings than its green tea.

Cozy chamomile herbal tea

Bigelow chamomile tea is surprisingly really good. The flavor and aroma are very calming and make you relax.  The aftertaste is clean and not bitter which is refreshing. If you are having trouble sleeping this would definitely be a good herbal tea for you. One thing that is needed may be honey for more taste because the flavor is rather bland.

Oolong tea

Bigelow oolong tea is not necessarily the highest quality flavor in the world. It definitely lacks certain components when comparing it to higher quality oolong. For Bigelow oolong tea I prefer it to be cold brewed. The flavor is nutty and has a strong buttery taste. The one issue with this is that if you over steep the tea bag it tastes disgusting.

Jasmine tea

Bigelow jasmine tea has a pretty weak aroma which is unappealing. But this tea is very smooth and has a pleasant taste. Somehow this tea has notes of chocolate that you can taste. Almost reminiscent of a tootsie roll. Make sure if you have it to steep it for a good five minutes or else the flavor will be dull. The good thing is this tea does not have a strong bitter aftertaste.

Vanilla chai tea

This is by far the best tea the Bigelow has to offer. The flavors are very well balanced which makes for a good cup of tea. It has a very high-quality chai flavor. The spices blend really well together and it is creamy and smooth. If you are going to try Bigelow tea get their vanilla chai.